Cover-up in Lambeth mirrors Rotherham and Rochdale

Cover-up of child abuse as in Rochdale and Rotherham: will Lambeth act now?
William Freeman made this Freedom of Information request to Lambeth Borough Council
From: William Freeman

9 February 2015
Dear Lambeth Borough Council,
Re: From Hillsborough to Lambeth banned book, illegal imprisonment of author; application for permanent gagging order against Brian Pead
Following the excellent work of Andrew Norfolk (of The Times newspaper) and his exposure of child grooming, will Lambeth Council now conduct a FULL inquiry into child grooming as written about in From Hillsborough to Lambeth, will the Council now explain to the public why it unlawfully had Brian Pead imprisoned in Pentonville for two weeks, and will the Council now explain to the public why it sought to obtain a PERMANENT GAGGING ORDER against Brian Pead (who worked as a Head Teacher of the OLCVS pupil referral unit from 2006-2007 until his unlawful dismissal after “blowing the whistle” on child grooming, bullying and racism? The Great British Public – let alone the Lambeth ratepayers – has a Right to Know. The cover-up and corruption in Rochdale and Rotherham were replicated in Lambeth – ask former councillor Anna Tapsell and Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll. It is time the Council was held to account.
Please confirm whether the Council will now do the honourable thing and investigate why it unlawfully dismissed a Head teacher, why it sought to defame him and why it tried to gag him permanently?
Yours faithfully,
W.B. Freeman

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