Daily Mirror in cover-up of police corruption in Tony Martin murder case


Yesterday (8th May 2019) the Chairman of the Tony Martin Action Group, Chris Schooling, telephoned Tom Hendry, claiming to be representing the Daily Mirror, about Norfolk farmer Tony Martin’s appeal against the alleged manslaughter of Fred Barras and the Wounding with Intent of Brendon Fearon in 1999. Both men were alleged to have been burglars at Mr Martin’s remote farmhouse when they were shot at Emneth.

Here is a transcript of the conversation between Mr Schooling and the disingenuous Tom Hendry:

Schooling             Hello. I’m Chairman of the Tony Martin Action Group and I’m calling to inform you that we are assisting Mr Martin in his appeal against the convictions based on the depth of police corruption in the case.

Hendry                 Do you know Brian Pead?

Schooling             What has that got to do with anything?

Hendry                 Do you know Brian Pead?

Schooling             Of course I do. His book is excellent and exposes all the police corruption in the case.

Hendry                 Pead has a dark past.

Schooling             Exactly what do you mean?

Hendry                 Pead has a dark past.

Schooling             Where is the evidence?

Hendry slams the phone down…

Just as the Sun was used by the government to cover up police corruption at Hillsborough, so the government is using the Daily Mirror (and the willing Hendry) to cover up the police corruption in the Tony Martin case which was of Hillsborough proportions with false witness statements created by the police, a stage-managed crime scene at Bleak House, and two decades of lies repeatedly told by corrupt police officers and those in the legal profession.

The evidence (which was hidden from the jury) shows that Tony Martin couldn’t have hit anybody when he fired his gun at an unknown number of intruders on the night of 20th August 1999.

Look out for the forthcoming book TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES by Brian Pead, the “man with a dark past” according to the fantasist Tom Hendry of the Daily Mirror. Hendry was news editor of the Daily Mirror for five years in the Eighties and went on to news edit both the Sunday Express and The Mail on Sunday. Clearly his experiences were of little help to him in learning to differentiate between demonstrable police corruption and the truth.

Brian Pead commented:

I telephoned Tom Hendry asking him why he was unlawfully slandering me and where was the evidence that I had a ‘dark past’. He put the phone down on me. These paranoid fantasists really don’t like to be challenged.

I then called the office of my MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, to ask him to call the Editor of the Daily Mirror and ask Hendry to cease and desist. He won’t call the Editor, of course, because there is no such thing as a Free Press in this country – the majority of the electorate is brainwashed into believing such a notion.

The Sun covered up Hillsborough (I know, I was there) and the Mirror is covering up Tony Martin’s innocence and the murder of Barras by someone other than Tony Martin.

Tony told me on Sunday that Hendry had called him – trying to brainwash him into believing he killed Barras.

If it’s true, why wasn’t the defence ballistics expert called to the trial?

• Why did Norfolk police claim that the farmer’s three dogs prevented them from finding the body of Barras several hours earlier ?
• Why did the police fail to act on the doctor’s report stating that Barras “would still be alive today had he received medical attention in time” ?
• Why were the THREE autopsies on Barras hidden from the public ?
• Why didn’t the ballistic evidence match the men’s injuries ?
• Why wasn’t the alleged ‘getaway driver’ called to trial ?
• Why won’t Norfolk police comply with Freedom of Information Act requests from Tony Martin and the author ?
• Why was the author arrested in a Norfolk library whilst writing this book ?
• Why do Norfolk police still refuse to investigate the child abuse experienced by Tony Martin in a Norfolk boarding school ?

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