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The evidence that Bexley Police entered into a criminal trial at Woolwich Crown Court was said by the Judge to have been “…clearly fabricated…”. PC John Brown was described as “…clearly an unreliable witness…”


This email was annotated by Mary White, who claimed to be a Human Resources consultant, on 19 April 2007. Notice that Ms White has added that this email was added during an investigatory hearing. Brian Pead had been suspended on 8 December 2006 and some four months later is his first hearing. Lambeth’s own policies and procedures stated that all employment issues would be resolved in a maximum of just thirteen weeks, thus, by the time Pead handed this to Mary White, Lambeth Council was already in breach of its own procedures. The Employment Tribunal failed to consider this email in an extraordinary 1-day hearing. Compare this with the 19-day hearing at the very same court in Croydon that James Walker (another Lambeth Headteacher unlawfully dismissed by Phyllis Dunipace OBE) was afforded.


This email was voluntarily sent to Brian Pead (Johnson) on 17 April 2006.  Ms Field states that her experiences at the OLCVS were her “…best in London…” and she thanks Brian Pead for all his support. This contrasts starkly with the allegations by Murray (who made allegations on behalf of Annabel Field, who made no such complaints herself about Brian Pead. Indeed, when she received a typed transcript of her comments at an investigatory hearing in February 2007, Ms Field wrote to Lambeth Council stating that her comments had been taken out of context and that several of her own questions (and Twist’s responses) had not been included in the transcript.


Ipek Yylmaz, affectionately known as ‘Elif’, accompanied Brian Pead to the White Bear Theatre in Kennington to watch Annabel Field, English teacher at the OLCVS, acting in the play, The Horse Dealer’s Daughter. Annabel Field never made a single complaint about Brian Pead. After his unlawful trial at Southwark Crown Court on 23 December 2009, before Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith, the Bexley Times claimed that Pead had been dismissed by Lambeth Council for masturbating in the theatre. This allegation has since been strenuously denied by Lambeth Council. Two questions therefore have to be asked: (1) Why, then, was Brian Pead dismissed by Lambeth? and (2) Where did the Bexley Times acquire this erroneous information? The answers are that (1) the entire case against Brian Pead brought by Lambeth Council was false and unlawful and (2) the Bexley Times was fed this erroneous information by Scotland Yard (refer to the chapter on Disinformation in the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth which explains how Scotland Yard frequently base a lot of their communications on disinformation.


This document was sent out by Ginni Bealing to parents of pupils at the Open Learning Centre for Vocational Studies in Vauxhall, London. Ms Bealing describes herself as the new Executive headteacher. However, when she sent this document to parents, Brian Pead was still the Headteacher, albeit under an unlawful suspension. Lambeth Council had, therefore, replaced Pead before they had even investigated the allegations against him. This is, in itself, unlawful. Note that Alex Passman, a national award-winning employment law specialist, had told Pead on 19 April 2007 that he would be found guilty because it was clear that Catherine Twist had Pead’s dismissal as her agenda.


Alphonso Harris is an independent Lambeth Detached Youth Worker. At the time he wrote this character reference for Brian Pead, he was working out of the Old Library Centre in West Norwood. This character reference was never taken into consideration by the Employment Tribunal.

Reference from ADRIAN HENRY, student at OLCVS

A reference from a male pupil at the Old Library Centre Virtual School in West Norwood. This character reference completely opposes the allegations by Murray and was never taken into consideration by the Employment Tribunal.


This character reference from John Beach, of Global Solutions teaching agency, makes mention of Brian Pead’s honesty and integrity.


Glauce Biagio, from Brazil, worked at the OLCVS in West Norwood to help the Portuguese-speaking pupils at the school. She was the same age as Annabel Field, 25. This character reference was never taken into consideration by the Employment Tribunal.


Clare Manifold was Brian Pead’s counselling supervisor for his volunteer counselling placements on the Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at the Centre for Professional and Personal Develpoment (CPPD) in Hornsey, north London. This character reference was never taken into consideration by either Catherine Twist or the Employment Tribunal.



This character reference was authored by 15-year-old Talya Cuthbert, a female pupil at the Old Library Centre Virtual School in West Norwood. Ms Cuthbert moved to the Redfearn Centre in Vauxhall until Brian Pead’s unlawful suspension. She was unlawfully prevented from attending the OLCVS by Colin Hill after Brian Pead’s unlawful suspension. Ms Cuthbert was also prevented by Hill from sitting her GCSE exams in the summer of 2007. Despite being mentioned by several members of Lambeth staff in their investigatory hearings, Ms Cuthbert was not called as a witness. Nor were her parents. Nor was her statement ever considered by the Employment Tribunal.

Talya Cuthbert
[address redacted]
[telephone redacted]
To whom it may concern,

I am a former student of the Open Learning Centre for Vocational Studies. I had been
struggling to find a school place as they either saw my last school report and decided I had
nothing to offer them or their waiting lists were simply too long. For a short while I attended
a centre for children in the same position. However the work they gave me to do was aimed at
children much younger than I was and I didn’t see the point in completing it. Instead I asked
the teacher for work that I would find more challenging but he said he didn’t have any. The
teachers basically left the kids to it as they had no control over them. Students were getting
bullied and robbed right under the teachers’ noses and nothing was said or done. So after only
a few days, I refused to go back as it was obvious I would not benefit from being in that
environment. My mother was very upset because it was starting to look as if I would never be
back in education.
Then a friend who had also been out of school for years recommended I contact the Old Library
Centre Virtual School (later re-named as the Open Learning Centre for Vocational Studies).
She had just come back from the induction day and every comment she made about the centre
was positive. I remember how enthusiastic she was about going back. I had lost hope in finding
a school or centre where I would be able to progress with my studies. My friend encouraged
me to contact the centre despite the fact that there probably weren’t any spaces left as it was
halfway through the year.
My mother rang the centre and arranged an interview with the head teacher, Brian, for the
following week. I tried not to get my hopes up as I felt sure this would just be another let down.
I was very nervous going to the interview but when I arrived I was met by the head teacher
who instantly put my mind at rest as he was so friendly and helpful. He was the first teacher
not to make assumptions about me after reading my last school report. He very kindly took a
chance and let me attend on a trial basis. I left the interview feeling happy and confident that
I would settle in.
My first impression of him was that he was a genuine good person who had the best interests
of the students at heart. And during the time I was there, Brian proved that my first impression
was spot on.
On my first day I was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere. The students all listened and got
on with the work they were given. No one was being bullied and if a student got stuck they
would raise their hand and straightaway a teacher would come to help. I liked the fact that the
head teacher found a good balance between being a teacher and a friend. For example, children
are told to tell a family member or teacher they trust if they have a problem. It was obvious
that all the students had that trust in Brian as he listens without judgment and gives you good
honest advice. I think one of the reasons he is such a good teacher is because he has experience
in counselling which means he picks up on things that other teachers never do.
He also encouraged students to pursue their talents and interests and gave them jobs to suit
their skills. For example, I love drawing so he gave me the job of making posters for the
different subjects we did. My friend Gemma enjoys maths so he would give her extra maths
work to do at home. Another student liked playing snooker so Brian gave him the job of organising a tournament. He let every student know that he believes in them, which ordinary
teachers don’t ever take the time to do. This is just one of the many reasons why it would be so
unjust if Brian had to stop teaching because of false allegations against him.
The fact that Brian helped me to finally understand algebra the first time he explained it to me
is proof of his excellent teaching skills. My parents wanted to give me the best start in life they
possibly could so they worked hard to pay the tuition fees for me to attend private school for
years. While I was there, different teachers had attempted to teach me algebra but failed to
explain in a way that I could understand. Brian understands that while one method of teaching
might be best for one child, another child may respond better to being taught a different way.
I was so happy the moment algebra made sense and it all clicked into place. My mother knew
how hard I found algebra so she was really proud of me when I told her I finally understood.
Brian explained it so well he made it seem easy and I know if it had just been explained to me
like that the first time then I would have understood straightaway.
Whenever there was a falling out between students, Brian would gather them together in his
office and let each student have their say on what had happened. He somehow always managed
to mediate the situation without taking sides and then resolve the dispute. Whenever a student
would misbehave and he would tell them to stop, nine times out of ten they would. The reason
for this is because the students all have a lot of respect for Brian as he has a lot of respect for
us. None of the other teachers there had the students’ respect except for Dwayne.
Maryn Murray obviously couldn’t cope with a child misbehaving. She would get easily irritated
and act as if she was having a panic attack which only made the boy who was misbehaving act
up more. The way in which she spoke to the students was very patronising. I felt she lacked
the appropriate communication skills to deal with teenagers and personally think she’s in the
wrong profession. I barely spoke to her because of this and could never remember her name.
On one occasion she was being very patronising to a Portuguese boy in the class constantly
asking if he understood after he’d made it quite clear that he did. The students all found her
quite controlling but even more so when she was promoted to Deputy Head. She wanted
everything done her way and she’d often try and convince Brian that her teaching method was
better than his. I also remember that she acted differently around Brian. I got the impression
she had a crush on him but at the same time she would constantly undermine him.
I heard that she claimed Brian allowed Gemma and I to go outside to smoke which is
completely untrue. In actual fact, it was the same rule for everyone – no one was to go out for
a cigarette. However, Gemma and I would sneak out anyway. When Brian saw us, he would
tell us to go back inside which we did. He never gave us his permission.
One day Brian didn’t come in to the centre and when the students asked where he was, Colin
Hill said that he couldn’t make it that day. A few days passed and Colin kept saying the same
thing. We all knew that Brian wouldn’t just disappear without good reason. The next morning
the students started asking a lot of questions about why Brian hadn’t been coming in. Colin
told us that no-one from the centre was allowed to contact Brian and he was not allowed to
contact us and that he was not allowed to tell us any more than that. That made it clear that a
complaint must have been made against Brian. Although I did not have a clue as to what the
complaints were, I knew that they could not be true. Everyone knew what a nice honest man
Brian is, so I was confident that he would return to the centre. But weeks passed and he still
hadn’t come back. The level of teaching had gone way downhill. For some bizarre reason Colin
was made Head Teacher which was ridiculous as he so obviously wasn’t up to the job. The
centre began to fall apart and the majority of the students who had been happily attending no
longer saw the point in going. Colin told Gemma and I that we were not allowed to return to the building until further notice
after an incident started by a new girl (who was extremely disruptive) got out of hand. Colin
lost all control of the situation and ended up ringing the police who came charging in and made
a scene which all would have been avoided if only Brian was there. He never would have let it
escalate to the point where the police had to be called.
Eventually Colin contacted Gemma and I to tell us that he had made a decision that we would
no longer be able to attend classes at the OLCVS but we would be allowed to come for tutorials
with Dwayne to help us get into college or find a job. I told Colin that I would be very grateful
if they would still allow me to sit my GCSEs. He replied that it was too late as the students had
already sat them. He said I could have come in to do them but this is hypocritical of him as he
stated in his letter sent to both my mother and I that I was not to return to the centre until
further notice. This made me extremely upset as I could not go to the college of my choice
without any GCSEs. I know the situation would not have ended this way had Brian been there.
Brian is the first teacher to ever gain my respect and trust. Every child should have a teacher
like him. He made a big impression on each and every one of his students by letting us all know
that he has faith in us. I can still remember the look of utter disappointment on everyone’s face
when told Brian may not be returning to the centre. Everyone has a talent and Brian’s is
teaching. It would be a travesty if he ever has to stop.
Yours sincerely
[signature redacted]


This email provides incontrovertible evidence that Brian Pead was in contact with Lambeth Human Resources asking them to ensure that his counselling name of Steve Goodfellow was added to his Criminal Records Bureau checks. This email also demonstrates Mr Pead’s openness and transparency around his use of names and CRB checks. In her statement to the Employment Tribunal, Catherine Twist claimed that Pead had withheld the name of “Steve Goodfellow” from Lambeth Council. This evidence was not taken into consideration by Twist or the Employment Tribunal.

General Teaching Council and the Independent Safeguarding Authority

The shocking documents in the PDF below show conclusively how Brian Pead was “stitched up” by Lambeth Council (just as Employment Law specialist Alex Passman had told him on 19 April 2007), the Metropolitan Police and the court system.

Click here to read the full, explosive account of Local Authority, Police and Judicial corruption.


A Hackney blogger (BloodAndProperty) exposed the lies propagated by Lambeth Council, the Courts, the police and especially by Off Centre counselling service.


Bogus charges had been brought against Brian Pead AFTER he uncovered grooming, racism and probable financial mismanagement at Lambeth and AFTER he had uncovered unlawful police activity on the website between September 2007 and May 2008, when it was mysteriously ‘liquidated’ only to re-emerge the following day with the same directors in a newly-formed company. In the process of liquidation, the Police “lost” important documentation, including that which would have demonstrated Brian Pead’s innocence in these matters.

By a strange “coincidence” Lambeth Council also “lost” documents they were supposed to have sent to the General Teaching Council.

Although this story revolves around Brian Pead – an innocent man – remember: this could happen to YOU! (If anything similar has happened/ is happening to you, do use the CONTACT US form and we will try to put you in the hands of people who might be able to assist you.)

On 09 March 2015 Brian Pead met retired Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll, who is being feted as a ‘hero’ for exposing child abuse in Lambeth. The reality is, he is not responsible for a single arrest. Let’s get a proper perspective on this issue. Michael Bird, co-author of from Hillsborough to Lambeth, was also present. Driscoll finally admitted on behalf of Scotland Yard that Brian is innocent, should never have been taken to court and is being persecuted by Scotland Yard because of his research and writings. Brian has yet to receive this from Scotland Yard – on official notepaper – and only 10 days after meeting with Driscoll (who used the meeting to trawl for information about what else Brian knew) Brian was unlawfully imprisoned on a trumped-up charge of harassing his daughter and grandchildren (who have never appeared against him in court, never complained to the police about him and never made a witness statement against him. Justice? Ask your MP – he or she’ll simply ignore it. There is only Justice when their own kind aren’t involved in interfering with children.

On 15 April 2016 – the 27th anniversary of Hillsborough – Brian Pead met with his MP, Sir Henry Bellingham. The MP was plain Mister Bellingham but once Brian was unlawfully ensconced in prison, he was upgraded to a ‘Sir’, no doubt for his connivance with the Chief Constable of Norfolk and those at the Home Office and the House of Lords.

In the military, disinformation is the deliberate spreading of false information to mislead an enemy or opponent as to one’s position or course of action.

In politics, disinformation is the deliberate attempt to deflect voter support of an opponent, disseminating false statements of innuendo based on the candidate’s vulnerabilities as revealed by opposition research.

In both cases, it also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless. Disinformation may include distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or spreading malicious rumours and fabricated intelligence. Its techniques are often to be found in commerce and government, where it is used to try to undermine the position of a competitor or an enemy of the State.

Disinformation was used at the Hillsborough Disaster when the police deliberately put out false information to the press that the Liverpool fans had committed crimes and were, therefore, the architects of their own fatal destinies.

The Metropolitan Police Service, members of Lambeth Council, the judiciary, senior politicians and corrupt barristers have all used disinformation to impugn the character of Brian Pead.

He has been libelled in the press. He has been accused of being a sex offender when he is not. He has been slandered by a policeman to his neighbours – who, all being somewhat short of intelligence – believe whatever the police say or show them. They never stop to ask the police to prove that documents shown to them are genuine.

The principle exponents of the art of disinformation were the Nazis. In 1933 Goebbels became Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister, which gave him power over all German radio, press, cinema, and theatre. Goebbels possessed a brilliant insight into mass psychology. By a strange quirk of fate, Brian Pead had studied the Nazi Party’s rise to power during his English degree from 1982 to 1986. He had studied the play Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco, a Romanian-born French playwright, which was a commentary on the German invasion of France. His research into the play and the Nazi Party led him to study the psychology of groups and the masses. Brian Pead is now a group therapist.

Most people in the UK today want to believe that they live in a democracy and that the police and elected politicians are honest and ‘doing a good job’. This extreme form of naivety is dangerous. It allows the UK government and the police force – an instrument of government – to perpetrate crimes and breaches of human rights under the very noses of the people they are meant to serve. The UK Government fills our newspapers and television screens with human rights abuses in China or Burma or some other far-flung regime while the reality is that Britain is guilty of just as many abuses of human rights on a daily basis. They are rarely brought to the public’s attention. It is only when a major tragedy like Hillsborough occurs that can sometimes shine a light on the dark forces operating in Government and Scotland Yard.

The way Brian Pead has been treated is nothing short of the worst excesses of Hillsborough, where he attended on that fateful day. Although he immediately knew that the police had lied and deliberately misinformed the public, little did he know how he would one day become the subject of a similar campaign against him by Lambeth officials, by senior police officers at Scotland Yard and by members of Her Majesty’s Government.

INFORMATION MEMORANDUM version7 dated 28 April 2016
Click above for a full chronology contained in the comprehensive INFORMATION MEMORANDUM up to 28 April 2016 which outlined significant police and judicial corruption.

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