Elizabeth Truss MP fails her constituent Tony Martin in his Appeal to CCRC

After Brian sent Elizabeth Truss (Tony Martin’s MP) an email in which he said that Tony Martin did not kill Fred Barras in 1999 but that Norfolk police officers involved in the case deliberately allowed Barras to die, each time Brian emails her requesting a meeting with her and Tony, his emails bounce back.

Brian said, “And to think this woman was once a Minister of Justice. It’s little wonder she didn’t last long in that job. Once an MP is sent information informing them of criminal activity, they are duty bound to report it to the Police. Perhaps Mrs Truss lives by a different set of rules. You’d think there’s enough sleaze and corruption in Parliament at the moment without Mrs Truss adding to the cesspit of corruption. As Tony often says to me, “They do like to protect the paedophiles just as they’re doing at Glebe House.”

Evidence of the emails being blocked:
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recipient’s email address for errors and try again.

The server responded with:

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