Evidence of police corruption and abuse at Charing Cross police station

‘Corrupt’ Scotland Yard officers in drugs and sex inquiry

The Evening Standard yesterday (30th April 2019) reported that:

“A Scotland Yard unit tasked with fighting crime in the West End is at the centre of an inquiry into allegations of bullying, racism, drug use and perverting the course of justice.

Up to 11 officers face claims of wrongdoing stemming from an inquiry by a watchdog which was triggered by reports that an officer had sex with a woman at Charing Cross police station.

Most of the officers were on the Met’s West End Zone Impact Team, formed in 2014 to tackle night-time crime and violence around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, which has now been  disbanded. The Independent Office for Police Conduct today announced that the scope of the original inquiry had “widened considerably”.
It said analysis of phone messages between officers had uncovered evidence of a number of serious allegations involving the police team at Charing Cross. The allegations include:
  • Violence towards women and taking advantage of vulnerable people.
  • Perverting the course of justice by deleting messages relevant to a criminal investigation.
  • Bullying and inappropriate behaviour towards other officers, including sending threatening and malicious messages.
  • Racist, misogynistic and other discriminatory language and behaviour.”

    On 4th June 2008, Brian Pead was unlawfully arrested, his house searched and interviewed at Charing Cross police station. 

  • Police officers illegally seized a computer belonging to his friend and destroyed evidence of Brian Pead’s innocence.
  • A detective constable perverted the course of justice by entering false information about Brian on the Police National Computer (PNC).
  • The same detective constable called Brian’s daughter and told her that he was “a paedophile” without the fact that he wasn’t charged following interview and when he was eventually charged EIGHT MONTHS AFTER BEING INTERVIEWED, the charge was for the alleged incitement of a non-existent 14-year-old girl.
  • a Detective Sergeant has unlawfully stopped Brian on 2nd June 2008, claiming that Brian had sexually interfered with a “young Asian woman” on his way to New Eltham railway station. There was no such sexual offence and the DS later admitted in court that he had made it up to give him a reason to stop Brian Pead on his way to work.

Clearly the corruption has existed for quite some time …

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