former Police Intelligence analyst highlights police corruption

Corruption in South Yorkshire Police, Bexley Police, Greenwich Police, Essex Police … and the other police forces in the UK

Former South Yorkshire police principal intelligence analyst, Tony Farrell, exposes corruption in the UK police force. Tony Farrell tried to change the system from the inside, but they fired him and started a character assassination campaign against him.

Brian Pead, Lambeth Head teacher, exposed racism, child grooming and financial mismanagement at Lambeth Council and he was dismissed before the police then launched a six-year campaign of character assassination against him.

Tony Farrell is aware of the considerable corruption by the Police at Hillsborough.

Brian Pead attended the football match and witnessed at first hand the corruption and the 23-year cover-up of that corruption.

Note the pattern below:

Tony Farrell … speaks out … is dismissed … has his character impugned.

Brian Pead … speaks out … is dismissed … has his character impugned.

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