Foyled by People Power – 1

At 3pm today – the planned Book Launch of from Hillsborough to Lambeth – Foyles sent someone claiming to be Ms Robinson from Marketing to deal with a Legal issue. She arrived alone to meet authors Brian Pead and Michael Bird and without a notebook or a file. Unprofessionally, she failed to provide a business card or any other form of identity.

Claiming “…I don’t know who Foyles’ solicitors are…” Ms Miriam Robinson added, “…Foyles are cancelling the Book Launch…”

When asked to provide reasons for such a unilateral decision, Ms Robinson claimed that Foyles had had pressure put on them by Pinsent Masons, lawyers claiming to work on behalf of Ms Twist and Ms Dunipace, who were roundly criticised by an Employment Tribunal Judge for a seriously flawed investigation process.

Twist and Dunipace were seeking an apology from authors Brian Pead and Michael Bird and a promise that the authors would “…never write about us again…”

The authors – currently completely the third book in the series about police corruption and cover-ups (the second is due to be released next month) – naturally refused such a request.

Author Michael Bird suggested to Ms Robinson that Foyles had missed a trick: the Children’s Bookseller of the Year 2012 could have aligned itself with the authors who are exposing child corruption and racism in Lambeth.

Children’s Bookseller of the Year Foyles chose instead to align itself with Ms Twist and Ms Dunipace, two Lambeth officials who failed to bring criminal issues of racism and child grooming to the attention of the police.

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