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Framed! is the true and compelling story of police corruption on the scale of Hillsborough which leads to an innocent whistle-blower of child abuse being charged with false allegations of sexual offences against younger women and being wrongly convicted of a crime against a 14-year-old girl who never even existed, so that his beloved daughter and grand-children are turned against him by police and social services.

This book unpicks a Crown Court trial at Southwark in 2009 and exposes abuses of process in every element of that trial: from a jury that isn’t sworn in, to key witnesses to illegal police activity not being called by the defence, to unsigned witness statements being entered as real evidence. And the catastrophic failure to call the IT manager of a social networking website whom the Court is told has emigrated to Australia, but  who is, according to his own CV, still living in London.

Discover how — in a ten-minute house search with an illegal warrant — the police seize a computer (without placing it in an evidence bag) before returning it four months later to its innocent owner with the hard drive burnt out. And evidence of a man’s innocence wiped off it.

Celebrity gangster Dave Courtney features as he shares a cell in Belmarsh Prison with the innocent man, Brian Pead, renowned author of books on the entire history of Liverpool Football Club from 1892.

Read how the defence barrister fails to properly represent his client, despite being aware of his innocence, and how a Crown Court judge unlawfully imposes a deadline on a jury, forcing them to reach an untimely — and perverse — verdict against all the principles of natural justice. Four years later, the barrister attempts to blackmail his former client in an attempt to prevent the publication of this book.

When appearing in Court as a McKenzie Friend for a  farmer against energy giant E.ON, who are claiming an £11,000 debt against a non-existent meter, Brian Pead is arrested by armed Norfolk police for alleged criminal damage to a car said to belong to E.ON meter readers, but who are clearly bogus.

Framed! highlights local authority and police corruption — and its cover-up — on a scale not seen since Hillsborough, Rochdale and Rotherham.

Framed! is available at £9.99 from Expono Books, Spire View, Cotts Lane, Tilney All Saints, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE34 4SL. Postage and packing extra on application

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