further corruption at Woolwich Crown Court against Brian Pead



17 JULY 2017


(3 counts of breaches of a bogus restraining order by contacting his daughter with information about Police corruption and child abuse in Lambeth)

Brian Pead was forced to attend Woolwich Crown Court on 17 July 2017 by the Home Office mandarins who are grimly determined to cover up child abuse at Lambeth, aided and abetted by corrupt police officers. (Shades of Hillsborough). This is how the farce played out…

On 14 June 2017, the Judge ordered the Prosecution to deliver up ALL first disclosure to Brian by 19 June. The Judge produced a list and gave a copy to the Prosecution and to Brian. So far so good.

By 19 June 2017, the Prosecution delivered up only ONE piece of disclosure – a “witness statement” it was claimed to have been authored by his daughter. Thus the Prosecution FAILED in its duty to the Court and to the Defendant, in this case, Brian.

But it gets worse…

Ordinarily, any Defendant might have expected the Judge to (a) throw the case out for a significant Abuse of Process; (b) rebuke the Prosecution for failing to comply with the Judge’s instructions, (c) hold the Prosecution in Contempt of Court, (d) order the Prosecution to hand over the long list of documents that had been ordered to have been handed over A MONTH earlier.

Not a bit of it … the way the “magicians” play the cards is that BRIAN was rebuked for not bringing this to the Court’s attention sooner!

Then the Prosecutor claimed “We didn’t provide all of the Disclosure because we may not now rely on it all…”

In other words, these card-sharps are changing the goalposts yet again. (This is a direct re-run of his unlawful dismissal from Lambeth Council, engineered by the corrupt investigation officer, Cathy Twist [see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16009828.)

However, do not be fooled. The only reason the Prosecution did not provide that disclosure is that it does not exist and therefore we can expect (a) yet another bent trial in front of a Judge who has shown herself to be devoid of a moral compass (and in possession of an unhealthy disregard for the Rule of Law), (b) another unlawful prison sentence for Brian – this will be his sixth.

We should remind ourselves that all of this nonsense arose only AFTER Brian reported child abuse in Lambeth (which the Council and the Police failed to investigate, merely unlawfully dismissing Brian and REINSTATING the abusive teacher!)

One other thing. The Judge yesterday – HHJ Alice Robinson – was the trial Judge in January 2012 when Brian was up on another bogus charge and Robinson forced Brian to represent himself, which he did. Judge Robinson threw out the case against Brian on the grounds that the Police officer had clearly lied in Court and entered false evidence. However, when Brian mentioned this to her yesterday, she displayed signs of the early onset of dementia by claiming that her recollection of that trial was different. Here’s how the conversation went:

Brian:     I remind you that I appeared before you in 2012 and you threw out the case saying that the police officer lied to the jury and had entered false evidence into court.

Judge Robinson:     That’s not how I remember it.

Brian: In that case, what’s your version of events?

Judge: I’m not prepared to discuss it.

Brian: Well, you ought to discuss it if you feel I have misinformed the Court.

Judge: I’m not prepared to discuss it.

Brian: Well, we ought to discuss it because you’re now claiming I’m misrepresenting the facts to the Court and that’s not acceptable.

Judge: I’m not prepared to discuss it.

Brian: Well, this is clearly a corrupt courtroom.

Judge: If you use that word again, I’ll have you arrested!

Clearly an incredibly insecure individual who feels the need to abuse her powers and threaten Litigants-in-Person seeking to have a true record noted on the Court file.

The upshot of all these shenanigans (Tony Martin, the innocent Norfolk farmer tried for murder in 2000, refers to them as “legal engineering”) is that the Judge suggested Brian attend the following week (Monday 24th July) to make an Application to Dismiss which she would “consider very carefully.”

That was the very same phrase used by a corrupt District Judge at Bexley Magistrates’ Court on 01 November 2011 when he “considered very carefully” Brian’s innocence or guilt of the Harassment of his daughter and elder granddaughter. Since neither family member had ever complained to the Police, neither had ever made a witness statement and neither had appeared in Court against him, there really wasn’t much to consider, but he took his time (around 20 minutes) and came back with a Guilty verdict and issued a void Restraining Order preventing Brian from contacting ALL of his immediate family members (in a police tactic to separate Brian from his beloved family and divide and conquer because Brian had reported child abuse and the police and Lambeth Council [contact Chuka Umunna, MP; Kate Hoey MP and Helen Hayes, MP for corroboration] failed to investigate or hold anyone to account.

The Judge and Prosecutor yesterday colluded to display a worrying disregard for the Rule of Law. Brian Pead spoke after the Hearing: “Only an idiot or a mental defective would continue to believe that the Justice system in England & Wales operates under the Rule of Law. It doesn’t. It is a myth propagated by the Government through the channels of the Courts, the Police and the media to provide false hope to the subjugated masses, most of whom are far too busy earning a living on zero-hours contracts (or too stupid) to see what’s going on under their very noses.”

Next Hearing: 24 July 2017, 10am, Woolwich Crown Court. You are invited to attend to observe the further demise of British justice. Brian can be contacted on 07508 242 101 – however, you may not get through as his phone and all forms of his communication are constantly monitored by the Secret Service as it grimly seeks to cover up rampant child abuse in this country.



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