further persecution of Brian Pead by corrupt Police


At 6.20am on 1st March 2019, Brian Pead was raided by SIX police officers from Cambridgeshire and Norfolk Constabularies. Bear in mind these two forces conspired against Tony Martin the farmer who was alleged to have shot dead Fred Barras and wounded Brendon Fearon. Considering Tony fired his gun at around 9pm, and given that Barras and Fearon where nowhere near the farm at that time, it was a remarkable achievement by the farmer!

Brian Pead was arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications to the son of a witness whose father gave evidence at the famous Tony Martin murder trial in April 2000. Now, the father swore an oath and failed to tell a jury that he had knocked down Brendon Fearon immediately after he had been shot (but not by Tony Martin).

Isn’t the fact that you knocked down one of the alleged burglars a rather serious thing? Isn’t is something that OUGHT to have told a jury? Don’t you think that Tony’s barrister (who was as bent as a none-bob note) OUGHT to have cross-examined the father to explain to the jury at what time he knocked down Mr Fearon, what he did upon knocking him down, where he took him after knocking him down, at what time he called the Police to tell them he had knocked someone down etc etc? All these are bog standard questions which any HONEST barrister would have asked. But not Anthony Scrivener QC – he was Head of the Bar Standards Council (ironically the organisation set up to uphold the highest standards of barristers but which, like all government departments falls so sadly short of its wild claims to be honest) and Mr Scrivener was clearly acting on orders from the Home Office to “get Tony Martin”. Mr Martin’s only crime was to call the police “inept, unprofessional and corrupt”. He was punished for telling the truth! And 60 million people in Britain fell for the false narrative written by the spin doctors at Scotland Yard/ MI5/ the Home Office.

And how do we know that the narrative created against Tony Martin is false? Easy – Tony Martin has been trying to meet with his MP – Elizabeth Truss, a former Justice Minister no less (with about as much knowledge of the law as your average 5-year-old) for more than 18 months. There have been letters and phone calls from Tony Martin and Brian Pead imploring Mrs Truss (a self-styled Right Honourable and touted as a possible future Prime Minister) and STILL Mrs Truss refuses to meet her constituent. The reason? Mr Martin wants Brian Pead to be present at the constituency meeting. Mrs Truss clearly doesn’t fancy the prospect of being grilled by the investigative author.

In police interview, they claimed Brian had been HARASSING a friend of the man who knocked Mr Fearon down. They claimed he had sent MALICIOUS EMAILS to the son of the van driver.

And then they proceeded to question Brian all about the Tony Martin case and what Brian knew about it, when his book was coming out, was it finished yet etc etc?

Rather played their hand didn’t they?

And, after interviewing the government-created paedophile/harasser of his own family/perpetrator of criminal damage/impersonator of a barrister (and anything else their distorted and perverted little minds can think up), the detectives ran along to their “superiors” with details of the interview, and they picked up the phone to the Home Office/Scotland Yard and they picked up the phone to Elizabeth Truss and others MPs shielding the truth about the Tony Martin case from the Great British Public. You’re being conned EVERY day by these people and YOU let them get away with it. More fool you!

Brian Pead was asked to comment on his latest arrest: “I have known from the age of 56 just how corrupt the Police and many politicians are. I am persecuted on a daily basis because of my work against police and judicial corruption and child abuse perpetrated by lawyers, police offices, judges and so on. I have little doubt that the persecution will continue because it’s the default position of power-hungry, selfish little people who inhabit the top levels of society. But history shows that they will not be in power forever. The current zeitgeist is about exposing such evil people. The broad mass of the people are finally waking up to reality. I also want an investigation into why my beloved 12-year-old granddaughter was abused by the Metropolitan Police in 2011 in order to get me imprisoned at HMP Belmarsh on a bogus charge of witness intimidation. My granddaughter had never been a witness in any case. Go ask her mother. In fact, go ask HER – she’s now 20 years old and fully capable of speaking up or herself. Or at least she ought to be because that’s how I brought her up.”

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