Further police harassment of Brian Freeman (fka Brian Pead)


    Further police harassment against Brian Freeman (fka Brian Pead)

Today, just after 9am, three people claiming to be police officers from Norfolk Constabulary – the very constabulary no less which is “managed” by Simon Bailey, the lead police officer on national child abuse – turned up at Brian’s place of residence. They called themselves Matthew White, Gemma Bevan and DS Witt. Two of them – White and Bevan – had turned up the previous day and been turned away.

They claimed that Brian is a “Registered Sex Offender” and claim that there is a certificate of conviction against him. They produced a single piece of paper – wafer thin and clearly not authentic. Ms Bevan claimed it was a real document because it said “In the Crown Court at Southwark” on it.

DS Witt claimed he was in attendance because White and Bevan were refused entry on the grounds that the Court Order has been voided and that it is, in effect, void ab initio (from the beginning). The trial was a gross miscarriage of justice which has been explained in the book Framed! – a copy of which Brian gave to Witt and Bevan, White refusing a copy.

Brian gave the names of two corrupt police officers from the Met (DS Jason Tunn and DC Julia Godfrey) and Ms Bevan said that she would remember their names and investigate when she got back to the office.

Brian showed the people claiming to be from the Norfolk Public Protection Unit a certificate of conviction that he was in possession of and which was clearly wrong. DS Witt claimed that even though there is a mistake on it, it is a legitimate document!

White and Bevan insisted on being allowed into the property and seeing Brian’s bedroom. This has ominous overtones – the last time they looked in his bedroom he was arrested the next day. The people claiming to be police officers said that they were satisfied that he was actually resident in the property.

White kept repeating in front of Brian’s landlord (and with witnesses present – making it slander) “You are a registered sex offender because we have a piece of paper that says so!” This is the “big lie” – the theory is that if you keep repeating a lie often enough, it will be believed. Probably 90% of the masses do actually fall for all this nonsense, but thankfully Brian surrounds himself with intelligent people who can see through the smoke and mirrors.

Now, YOU might like to contact Simon Bailey and ask him why he is allowing meagre police resources to be deployed in this way and why YOUR taxes are wasted against an innocent man.

Brian suggested to White, Witt and Bevan that they would be better deployed in Rochdale, Rotherham, Lambeth and Westminster catching real sex offenders and paedophiles and that they should not waste their time – and public funding – by harassing an innocent individual. The “police officers” did not comment.

Upon leaving, DS Witt said to Brian, “I’m sure we’ll meet again.” Brian was alarmed and distressed by this threat.

For the avoidance of doubt, the officers had no right to enter the property and have no right to harass Brian. By their own admission, he is deemed a “low risk” offender (he is not an offender at all) and low risk offenders are subject to ANNUAL visits. White and Bevan turn up each month and harass an elderly lady also resident at the property.

All this came two days after Brian met his MP, Henry Bellingham, who assured Brian that he would “do everything in my power to achieve justice for you.”

The last time he said this to Brian, he was imprisoned unlawfully for four months and ghosted around the prison estate. See www.10prisons12weeks.com and www.LambethChildAbuse.org

Furthermore, you might like to contact Simon Bailey of Norfolk Constabulary to ask why he had deployed three persons on such a minor mission when the rate of child abuse is rising in Norfolk.

This follows on from the reports last week of 12 Essex Police officers being suspended and/or put on restricted duties for falsifying witness statements and signing them in child abuse cases.


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