Further unlawful interference in Brian Pead’s comminications – breach of Article 3 ECHR

Dear All,
Please note that currently my mobile phone is jammed – no signal at all. This is a frequent occurrence and is designed to prevent people from contacting me urgently or me them.
My mail gets delivered at odd hours – even on Sundays. The ONLY mail I receive is from the Police, Courts, local Council. I get no personal mail and haven’t done for years – no birthday cards/ Christmas cards/ no letters etc.
Here’s a direct link to the MI5 website https://www.mi5.gov.uk/interception-of-communications
I have repeatedly written to various Home Secretaries for a copy of the RIPA warrant one me. I never receive one because it doesn’t exist. But then again, the Home Office and MI5 are infested by paedophiles, so what do you expect?
If you don’t believe me, click here: https://www.channel4.com/news/mi5-child-abuse-cover-up-allegations-home-office
So, please keep trying to contact me. They usually lift the signal jamming order after a few days.
Kind regards
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