Gagging Order

Single-handedly, Brian Pead is keeping the Legal System thoroughly employed. He appeared in Court again today despite having no papers served on him and no trial bundle to read before the Hearing. This masquerade for British Justice is included in his twelfth book – “Lambeth Council: The Fallout.” Contributions to the book will be made by those present in Court today.

Witnesses for the Prosecution did not appear in Court. (This is a recurring theme in Mr Pead’s cases. The legal system dispenses with evidence, trial bundles, the Civil [and Criminal] Procedure Rules, and even witnesses. Their attitude is “We don’t need to adhere to the official protocols, we’ll just say he’s guilty and everyone will believe us. This is the Google Generation … everyone will Google him and see such awful stuff about him at the click of a mouse and they won’t bother to ask:

(a) was there ever a victim?
(b) where is the evidence to prove his guilt?
(c) why witnesses didn’t turn up in Court and
(d) what have the authorities got to gain by defaming Brian Pead?”

Under the terms of the “gagging order”, we are prevented from naming the parties to the action, or even publishing why the action has been brought. (All of this fiasco is done, of course, to impede Mr Pead in his fight for justice. And, as a result, the perpetrators of crimes are free to continue their misconduct.)

It was recorded in Court today that this website is outside of the Jurisdiction of the Courts in England and Wales so we can print the truth. Presently, it has been decided by all supporters of Brian Pead that this website will actually adhere to the “gagging order” (although it has no need to) in order not to prejudice Mr Pead’s fight for justice.

Mr Pead has consistently stated that his goals are simple:

(i) to overturn TWO unlawful criminal convictions
(ii) significant compensation for the last six years
(iii) to have his grand-children restored to his life.

Until these criteria are fulfilled, he will maintain his fight for justice (by all lawful means) and he has a right to campaign for Justice.

However, it is now a matter for the public record that Brian Pead is NOT a sex offender and that two criminal ‘convictions’ against him were miscarriages of justice. The Court was informed that there was no victim in a case of incitement (and incitement needs a victim) heard before a Jury that had not been sworn in at Southwark Crown Court and that neither his daughter, Sorrel Birch (née Pead), and his grand-daughter (Emily Birch) were present at a trial on 1 November 2011 at Bexley Magistrates Court when the Magistrate returned a ‘Guilty’ verdict against Mr Pead for the alleged harassment of his daughter and grand-daughter. Not only were they not in Court, but no evidence (including witness statements) was ever produced from them.

Furthermore, it is a matter for the Court Record that Alasdair Palmer, an award-winning human rights journalist with the Daily Telegraph, had told Mr Pead in August 2012 that “…I found your material extremely interesting. It is clear to me that you were indeed the victim of an injustice, as you maintain…”

It is also a matter for the Court Record that award-winning employment law specialist, Alex Passman, emailed the Publisher (Invenire Press) and stated that “…I have received the book and I agree that the sections in which I am mentioned gives an accurate description of the events…”

The phrase “…Passman told Pead that he was being set up…” was corroborated by the award-winning lawyer himself.

Thus it is now on the Court Record that:

(i) Mr Brian Pead is NOT a sex offender
(ii) Mr Brian Pead was the victim of a miscarriage of justice (as confirmed by Alasdair Palmer of the Daily Telegraph)
(iii) Mr Brian Pead is not guilty of the harassment of his daughter, Sorrel, and grand-daughter, Emily
(iv) Mr Brian Pead was the victim of a miscarriage of justice (as confirmed by Alasdair Palmer of the Daily Telegraph)
(v) Mr Brian Pead was set up by Lambeth Council (as confirmed by Alex Passman)

The Public Gallery was well-attended, which appeared to upset those who are employed in the legal system. The Claimants complained about the presence of members of the public sitting behind them, but, of course, it’s perfectly legal for members of the public to attend cases and, in any event, the people were incredibly well-behaved.

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