Gagging Orders – 3

Also from the Daily Mail:

THE NHS has long promised to protect whistleblowers, yet the evidence is that staff are actively encouraged to stay silent.
Doctors, nurses and managers who have raised concerns claim they were dismissed as trouble- makers or even sacked.

And one nurse who worked at Mid Staffordshire when hundreds of patients were dying of neglect was threatened with violence.
Helene Donnelly, 34, a junior A&E nurse was told to ‘watch her back’ after repeatedly warning that patients were in distress. She was bullied and threatened by senior nurses and became afraid to walk to her car alone at the end of a night shift.

And a consultant at the trust, Pradip Singh, was offered a highly generous redundancy package after repeatedly raising concerns about poor standards of surgery.

He refused, but claims he was sidelined by managers and branded as a troublemaker.

Some staff who are sacked from NHS organisations having raised the alarm are bribed to sign ‘gagging clauses’.
They are offered pay-offs worth hundreds of thousands of pounds on the agreement that they will not speak out about the organisation or care. In many cases, individuals feel they have no choices but to sign the contract.

Once they have been sacked, they are deemed ‘unemployable’ by other NHS organisations.

Last week’s report into the Mid Staffordshire scandal called for a ban on gagging clauses.

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