Gagging orders – 4

Gary Walker, formerly of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals – one of 14 trusts being investigated over high mortality rates- and Brian Pead (and James Walker) have a lot in common.

The men brought malpractice to the attention of management.

In Mr Walker’s case, he was handsomely rewarded with a payment of £500,000 in order to “keep him quiet”.

At Lambeth, Brian Pead was dismissed, and then spurious criminal convictions were brought against him, aided and abetted by corrupt police officers, corrupt barristers and equally corrupt judges.

It would seem that those who hold power have no ethical boundaries by which to wield that power.

Gary Walker (of the NHS) and James Walker (of Lambeth Council) and Brian Pead (also of Lambeth Council) all brought misconduct to the attention of their Managers. All were harshly treated by management, whose sole intention was to cover-up wrongdoing.

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