cover-up of child abuse by Hackney Law Centre and MP Megan Hillier

In January 2008, Brian Pead gained employment as a counsellor with the charity Off Centre in Hackney, London. He was professional in his manner and popular amongst his colleagues. In February 2008 he attended a Survivors of Childhood Abuse course run by his counselling college, the Centre for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) in Hornsey, north London. Two days later, Brian informed his colleagues of this event and what he’d learnt from the course and Matthew Doocey, manager of Off Centre’s sister charity, Sub-19, asked Brian to teach the staff. On 28 March 2008 Brian taught the staff. Everyone was complimentary about Brian’s delivery of such a sensitive subject matter.

In April 2008, Brian applied for the post of Group Therapist at Off Centre. Naturally he had to complete an Application Form and provide references. It follows that he informed Off Centre that he was completing his advanced diploma in humanistic integrative counselling on the forms and that he made mention of his teaching the staff about survivors of child abuse. There was also a Person Specification form with the Application Form, and it stated quite clearly that the postholder of Group Therapist would have experience of working with survivors of child abuse and also be prepared to undertake continuing research into the subject. Brian was duly promoted to Group Therapist.

In May 2008, Brian appealed his unlawful dismissal from Lambeth Council – where he had exposed child abuse when working as a Head teacher – to the Employment Appeals Tribunal. He even took the step of taking his notice of appeal to the offices on the Embankment, and obtained a receipt.

Then Brian was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to three females who lived in his road – a completely spurious allegation of course.

On 02 June 2008 Brian was unlawfully stopped and searched by corrupt Detective Sergeant Jason Tunn outside new Eltham railway station where Tunn claimed that Brian “fitted the description of a young Asian girl who has been sexually assaulted this morning.” This was clearly nonsense and it later emerged that Tunn had made the whole thing up merely to stop and search Brian.

Later that day, Brian informed his line manager, Thelma Mathews, of the stop and search and asked her to include it in the Minutes of their meeting. She agreed to do so.

On 04 June 2008, Brian was unlawfully arrested by Tunn and others, and his house searched with an illegal warrant (not the first in this story). Brian was charged with no crime after 8 hours of police interviews. In fact, his legal representative, Marcia Weise of AA Mirsons, informed him that he had been “clever enough to out-sting an illegal police sting operation and they will be out to get you!” She was right.

While Brian was held in the police cells, officers from the Met went to Off Centre where Nicola Noone, a director, unlawfully wiped Brian’s research on child abuse and other approaches to counselling from the mainframe computer. That in itself is an office under the Misuse of Computers Act 1990. Yet Ms Noone’s criminality did not end there.

She unlawfully suspended Brian – who had not been charged with any offence – and then unlawfully dismissed him, despite never conducting an investigation. Off Centre is part-funded by the Met Police. Brian had told her and John Hilton – with Maya Walker present – that he had exposed child abuse at Lambeth Council and also on a website called He urged her to call Geoffrey Bacon who was a witness as to fact. She failed to contact him at all and illegally dismissed Brian on 13 June 2008.

On 31 July 2008, the Met Police – none other than the corrupt Jason Tunn and his sidekick Julia Godfrey – unlawfully seized Geoffrey Bacon’s computer using an illegal search warrant and they wiped evidence of Brian’s innocence off Mr Bacon’s computer. Maya Walker of Off Centre, and Brian’s lover at the time, knew about this incident and informed Brian that she and others at Off Centre had been told not to communicate with him.

In December 2009, Nicola Noone was a prosecution witness at Southwark Crown Court at Brian’s trial for allegedly inciting a 14-year-old girl who never even existed! At this trial, Ms Noone – in a clear act of perjury – told a jury that Brian had never taught his colleagues about the Survivors of Abuse course, that he was not required to research approaches to the subject and that he had never informed her that he had been on a course at CPPD, or that he was still studying there. His Application Forms – evidence of his truthfulness – were not used in court by Brian’s defence barrister, Dominic Bell, as corrupt as they come. He even blackmailed Brian in 2013 – “if you do not remove the secret tape recording of me from your website, I will tell people you are offering underage girls money for sex.” Brian naturally recorded these calls too.

With no recourse to the rule of law, Brian was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10-2 of an attempt to incite a non-existent 14 yr old girl.

And then the fun started. A member of the public running a website called Blood and Property contacted both Off Centre and Hackney Council about Brian’s conviction (believing it to be genuine) but was told by Meg Hillier that “…I can’t comment on this case … everything has to go through the Home Office…”

Then Blood and Property contacted Lambeth Council, who commented, “We can confirm that Brian Pead was dismissed by us, but not for anything to do with any sexual allegation and we deny that he was ever masturbated in a theatre.” (Notice that the Council failed to mention that Brian had exposed child abuse to them.)

For the sake of full transparency, we reproduce the entire farce below. it clear that:

1. Lambeth Council is guilty of a cover-up of child abuse;

2. that Lambeth Council is guilty of the unlawful dismissal of Brian Pead;

3. that Off Centre unlawfully dismissed Brian Pead;

4. that Off Centre’s Nicola Noone perverted the course of public justice;

5. that Off Centre’s Nicola Noone committed perjury;

6. that MP Meg Hillier was complicit in a cover-up of Brian Pead’s unlawful dismissal;

7. that MP Meg Hillier was working to instructions directly from the Home Office;

8. that Hackney Council unlawfully sanctioned Brian Pead’s dismissal;

9. that Brian’s exposure of child abuse was not acted upon by people and agencies who ought to have acted – Meg Hillier being just one of many;

10. that the Hackney Law Centre (used by Off Centre to stonewall Brian Pead when he asked for full disclosure – none was ever sent) has connections with MP Hillier and Hackney Council and that the Home Office was behind the human rights abuses of Brian Pead, aided and abetted by Hillier and others.

Note the gross misinformation in the account below.


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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Did Lambeth council put Hackney kids at risk?

A Hackney-based child counselling service employed a child therapist who attempted to pay a 14-year-old girl for sex less than six months after he started the job.

Brian Pead was caught in an internet-based police sting and sentenced in January. The Hackney agency where Pead worked said that none of its clients were involved.

A court report in the Bexley Times said that Pead had previously been sacked from a job at Lambeth Council after being caught masturbating in a theatre.

Yesterday (Tuesday) a spokesperson for Lambeth Council told Blood and Property that this claim was not correct but would not provide any further details. Neither would she say when Pead worked for Lambeth Council or what job he held there. She also said that answering Blood and Property’s questions was not a priority.

Blood and Property has received a statement from Off Centre, the Hackney-based agency where Pead was working. One director of Off Centre said that all required checks were carried out but believed that the new Vetting and Barring Scheme may have alerted them to Pead’s record.

Off Centre is in Hackney South and Shoreditch, the constituency of Meg Hillier, the minister in charge of the Vetting and Barring Scheme.

It remains unclear whether any of Pead’s past behaviour would have alerted Off Centre, or whether this information would have been available to Off Centre via the current system, or under the Vetting and Barring scheme.

Off Centre provided this statement: “Brian Pead was employed by Off Centre from January 9th 2008 to June 13th 2008 after which he was summarily dismissed due to gross misconduct.

“Before Mr Pead took up said employment, Off Centre carried out all pertinent checks including references and enhanced CRB checks in line with child protection and safeguarding children and young people guidelines.

“On Wednesday 4th June 2008 Off Centre management was informed that Mr Pead had been arrested and was being held at a police station on charges of attempting to solicit sex over the internet with a 14-year-old girl.

“Due to the seriousness of the matter, Mr Pead was suspended immediately pending a disciplinary investigation which resulted in a dismissal from Off Centre. Mr Pead was still in his probationary period at the time.

“Off Centre co-operated fully with the ensuing police investigation and management was assured by police and our own internal investigation that none of Off Centre’s clients were involved.

“The police investigation concerned events outside of the organisation and, as such, Off Centre had no further direct involvement in the matter, other than to correct Mr Pead’s untruthful claim that he had been conducting research into CSA (child sexual abuse) as this was certainly not part of his role at Off Centre.

“During the subsequent court case, Nicola Noone, director of Off Centre, gave evidence to refute Mr Pead’s claim as research was not part of his role at Off Centre, nor was it ever discussed with, or sanctioned by, management.

“On 23rd December 2009, the director of Off Centre was informed that a guilty verdict had been returned. On 24 December 2009, the director emailed the ISA to initiate the process of making a referral and on 18th January 2010 a full referral, together with supporting information was submitted to the ISA. Mr Pead was sentenced on 27 January, 2007.”

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Response from Lambeth Council

Following the publication of the story below (Did Lambeth Council put Hackney kids at risk?), Lambeth Council sent Blood and Property this statement:

“Brian Pead worked for Lambeth Council in the Open Centre for Vocational Studies from 1st August 2005 and was suspended on 8th December 2006. Following an investigation into complaints about his conduct he was dismissed on 31st July 2007.

“None of the complaints made against Brian Pead during his time at the Council relate to inappropriate sexual activity. However, as with any employee, any formal allegations about an employee which have been found proven following a Council investigation would be stated in any future references.”

Blood and Property was also asked to remove its reference to the Bexley Times article which Lambeth Council says is not true.

However, both The Bexley Times and Central News Agency said they had not heard anything from Lambeth Council about the claims made in their stories. My understanding is that if it was said in court, then people have a right to know that it was said.

It is clear from Lambeth Council’s response that it does not accept the claim that it dismissed Brian Pead for masturbating in a theatre.

The Open (Learning) Centre for Vocational Studies is part of Lambeth’s Children’s and young people’s service and Brian Pead was dismissed from his job there six months before he started work for Off Centre, a Hackney-based child counselling service.

Six months after that he was arrested in a police sting attempting to pay a 14-year-old girl for sex.

It would be useful to know what Lambeth Council did know about Brian Pead and whether this was passed on to his employers in Hackney – Off Centre – and whether they would have employed him if they had known these details. A director of Off Centre told Blood and Property that a different decision would have been likely if more information had been available.

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Friday, 5 February 2010

Should Hackney child counsellor ever have got the job?

In December a Hackney child counsellor was found guilty of offering £300 to a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him: Child therapist tried to bribe underage girl for sex.

According to court reports Brian Pead had been dismissed from a job at Lambeth Borough Council for masturbating in a theatre before he came to work in Hackney.

The court was told that he worked for a counselling agency in Hackney, sometimes with children who had suffered from sexual abuse.

When he was caught in a police sting Brian Pead claimed that he was carrying out research for his work as a children’s counsellor.

Blood and Property asked Hackney Council for details about Pead’s work in Hackney on Wednesday but was told that, because various people were either ill or away, there would be no answer until next week.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Meg Hillier answers Blood and Property questions

Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch and Under-Secretary of State for Identity talks to Blood and Property.

Blood and Property: How does your job as a minister fit in with your job as a constituency MP?

Meg Hillier: There’s quite a lot of overlap with Home Office issues and concerns in Hackney and it’s helpful to have the experience of being a Hackney MP for my ministerial work and vice versa.

In terms of the time I spend in Hackney, it is much the same as it was when I wasn’t a minister; a lot of an MP’s time is spent in Parliament during the week.

The difference is that I can’t speak about issues in the chamber of the House of Commons that aren’t related to my ministerial portfolio or department.

So I can’t ask questions in the House on certain issues but that’s not necessarily a problem because there are other ways I can raise them. For example, on the Crown Estate proposals, which is a big issue in the constituency, threatening to sell off its property in Victoria Park, I’m working very closely with the other MPs involved who are not ministers. We’re working together but they’re speaking and I’m supporting.

Blood and Property: When I tried to get in touch with you about Brian Pead (Hackney child therapist caught in police sting), the initial response was that I couldn’t talk to you about it without going through the Home Office press office.

Meg Hillier: In my Parliamentary office my staff are funded to deal with my Parliamentary work, not my Home Office work and don’t field any Home Office phone calls. The staff there deal with Hackney, not the Home Office.

Blood and Property: So you couldn’t talk to me about that stuff?

Meg Hillier: I couldn’t talk to you about an individual case.

Date Event
November 2006 BP exposes child abuse, racism and bullying to his Line Manager, Barry Gilhooly;BP dismisses female member of staff
08 December 2006 BP unlawfully suspended by Gilhooly and Vaz (HR) – not told the reasons for his suspension
11 December 2006 Lambeth officials ransack BP’s office; remove all filing cabinets/ files/computer – leave only a desk and a chair; personal photos of his daughter and grandchildren are stolen, as well as personal items including a suit and shirt and dozens of books
January 2007 The female is reinstated and placed in an all-girls school in Norwood to continue to groom children for those higher up the ‘food chain’
April 2007 BP meets employment law expert Alex Passman who tells him “…You are being set up by Lambeth…” (see confirmation evidence at end of this document)
01 April 2007 BP replaced as Head whilst he is still under suspension – an unlawful act under Employment Law
31 July 2007 BP dismissed against the rule of law;This decision ratified by corrupt Phyllis Dunipace, Executive Director of Children’s and Young People’s Service, Lambeth
BP immediately appeals this dismissal
09 January 2008 Brian Pead (BP) commences work as a counsellor at Off Centre in Hackney. It is nota children’s charity as was described in the Bexley Times and elsewhere;BP continues his studies at the Centre for Professional and Personal Development ( in Hornsey, London for the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Humanistic Counselling (he already has the Diploma);

The course is primarily focussed on psycho-sexual matters and almost all of the reading material is also based on psychosexual matters

14 January 2008 Brian Pead takes Lambeth Council to an Employment Tribunal for wrongful dismissal; the Judge – a school Governor – adjourns the hearing for 6 weeks when BP mentions “This case is predicated on child abuse at Lambeth Council”
2-3 February 2008 Brian Pead attends training course at the Centre for Professional and Personal Development ( in Hornsey, London on Survivors of Abuse
28 February 2008 Second Hearing – judge dismisses Brian’s claims in less than two hoursCompare this with James Walker, another Lambeth head teacher unlawfully dismissed by Lambeth who had a 19-day hearing
February 2008 BP immediately appeals the Employment Tribunal Hearing to the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT)
March 2008 Having heard nothing, BP write again to the EAT
BP qualifies with the Advanced Diploma
28 March 2008 BP provides staff training to his colleagues at Off centre and its sister charity Sub-19 – Nicola Noone of Off Centre denied this in a Crown Court trial at Southwark in December 2009: an act of perjuryOff Centre part-funded by the Met Police
April 2008 BP still hears nothing from the EAT
BP applies for the post of Group Therapist at Off Centre and completes an Application Form and Person Specification sheet – the role requires someone with experience of sexual abuse and someone willing to research it and train other staffthis denied by Nicola Noone in another act of perjury
May 2008 BP personally visits the EAT and obtains a receipt for his letter
08 May 2008 BP has given up the internet at his home and uses his friend Geoffrey Bacon’s computer to send emails;GB (and his father) had been cleared by the Home Office to work in police stations and royal residences as builders;

Both men are of high integrity

15 May 2008 BP is messaged by a ‘girl’; he tells her she is a fake; Geoffrey Bacon is a witness to this and makes a statement
20 May 2008 BP arrested in own home for alleged exposure to three females
02 June 2008 Brian illegally stopped and searched at his local railway station on way to work “because you fit the description of a man who sexually assaulted a young Asian woman in this road an hour ago”;BP reports this to his Line Manager Thelma Mathews and asks her to record it in the Minutes of their meeting – she does so
04 June 2008 BP arrested in his own home for “offences on a computer” – not an arrestable offence. Illegal search warrant, not properly executed;ITV film crew in attendance, BP tells them to leave his property

At Charing Cross police station BP’s legal rep tells him: “…You are a highly intelligent man and you have out-stung an illegal police sting operation… they will be out to get you.…”

BP not charged with any crime (because he has not committed one)

DC Julia Godfrey calls BP’s daughter: “Your father is a paedophile…if you have anything more to do with him we will take your children into care…”


BP’s computer seized from Off Centre and all his clinical research removed from the organisation’s mainframe computer without his knowledge or consent

31 July 2008 The corrupt DC Godfrey and DS Tunn search Geoffrey Bacon’s house without a bona fide warrant. They seize a computer proving BP’s innocence in a 10-minute house search
November 2008 The computer is returned with the hard drive burnt out
08 December 2009 BP cleared of all wrong-doing by the Independent Safeguarding Authority
14 December 2009 BP taken to trial for alleged incitement of a 14-year-old girl who never existed;BP’s corrupt barrister failed to call Geoffrey Bacon as a witness;

The charge against BP is that between 01 January 2008 and 08 May 2008 he communicated with an underage female. The Police and CPS deliberately omitted the 15 May 2008 communication in which Brian informed the person that he/she was “a fake” – BP’s innocence was known all along to both the police and the CPS – this trial not recorded on the Law Pages website or in the Court records

16 February 2010 The website Blood and Property calls Lambeth Council to discuss BP;The Council admit no allegations of sexual impropriety occurred with BP;

That no masturbation in a theatre took place as had been suggested by the sacked female teacher after she had been sacked;


Lambeth Council confirm that the article in the Bexley Times denigrating BP is not true


MP Meg Hillier tells Blood and Property website: “…You cannot talk to me about this without going through the Home Office first…” – a somewhat draconian measure for someone who has allegedly spoken to a girl … who turned out not to exist in any event!























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