Henry Bellingham MP and the Ched Evans affair

25 November 2014

Dear Mr Bellingham,

Re: Meeting

You were furnished with an Information Memorandum as long ago as May 2014, following which I was illegally incarcerated.

To date, notwithstanding your previous letter that you were determined to assist me in achieving justice, I have yet to receive the following:

The names and addresses of those individuals who contacted you during my illegal incarceration, together with the dates of their contact;

  1. Copies of letters written on my behalf to the named individuals and organisations contained in the Information Memorandum;
  2. A copy of an Early Day Motion to Parliament regarding my situation;
  3. A date to meet pursuant to our meeting on 09 October 2014 in London Road. I did send a copy of the Minutes of that meeting which I assume stand as a permanent record since you have not challenged any of the points contained therein.

Prime Minister’s Questions

In view of the fact that no Early Day Motion has been achieved, I am presently minded to suggest that you table some substantive questions for Prime Minister’s Questions.

In order to avoid the possibility of ‘Unasked Questions’, I believe it would be sensible to give the Prime Minister notice of the question(s) in order to obtain a written substantive response. I feel sure that you will agree with this strategic thinking.

The Question(s)

Can the Prime Minister explain why:

(a)    The footballer Ched Evans – found guilty of the rape of a real woman – is receiving preferential treatment from the Criminal Cases Review Commission (the CCRC) who have agreed to review his conviction within 6 weeks, whilst my constituent Brian Freeman has been waiting more than 3 years for his unsafe conviction to be reviewed and in which no real person ever existed?

(b)   My constituent Brian Freeman continues to be abused by the Justice System after he reported and wrote about institutional child abuse in Lambeth Council and elsewhere? Mr Freeman is involved in two further criminal charges (Harassment of his Daughter and Grandchild and Impersonating a Barrister) when it is clear from the evidence available that no real prospect of a conviction can be obtained using due process and before a bona fide jury?

(c)    My constituent Brian Freeman continues to be subject to unlawful surveillance and interference with all of his communications?

I think you will agree these are important issues and the public has a right to know the answers to these questions.

Lawyers & Compensation from the State

I feel sure that you will be staggered to learn as a barrister that lawyers I had hoped to engage in respect of my two present (and farcical) criminal allegations were not acting in my best interests.

And also that I am finding it difficult to have meaningful discussions with civil lawyers in bringing claims against those agencies of State which have caused me severe detriment and for which I expect significant compensation. Mature, adult people (“the person on the Clapham omnibus”) have suggested to me that it seems the State does not want me to clear my name and receive the significant compensation to which I am legally entitled.

I welcome your written views on this suggestion.

Bexley Council

At present Bexley Council is refusing to provide me with the full disclosure that I requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

It would be most helpful if you could write to the Executive Director to ask why this is being unlawfully withheld.

General Election

You will be aware that there is an election in May 2015.  People have suggested to me that it would be sensible to deal with all of these issues prior to the election since if they were to receive national exposure before and/or during the election, it might have serious repercussions from a political perspective.

I invite your response to this.

I look forward to hearing from you with regard to a meeting and also to receiving copies of communications as listed in the Information Memorandum.

Yours sincerely,







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