Human Rights abuses perpetrated by Lambeth Council and Met Police

Human Rights Breaches
Henry Winstanley made this Freedom of Information request to Lambeth Borough Council
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From: Henry Winstanley

26 October 2013
Dear Lambeth Borough Council,
There is much information in the public domain to show that on 16 July 2013 at the High Court in London, Lambeth Borough Council instructed a highly-paid barrister known as Caroline Addy of One Brick Court (who claims to robustly defend human rights) to apply for a PERMANENT GAGGING ORDER on author Brian Pead, a former headteacher unlawfully dismissed by Lambeth AFTER he exposed child grooming by a South African teacher calling herself Maryn Murray (she had not been CRB checked).
1. Can Lambeth Council confirm or deny that they instructed Caroline Addy to apply for a PERMANENT GAGGING ORDER on Brian Pead?
2. Is this the same Brian Pead whom award-winning lawyer Alex Passman has gone public by stating that Brian was being ‘set up’ by Lambeth Council?
3. Is this the same Brian Pead who co-authored the book FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH, exposing corruption?
4. Is this the same Brian Pead who Lambeth Council jailed for alleged contempt of court on 27 March 2013?
5. Did Phyllis Dunipace OBE resign from her post because Brian Pead had unearthed considerable corruption within the Council?
6. Has Cathy Twist (who ran two ‘investigations’ corruptly; one into Brian Pead and one into James Walker of Henry Fawcett School and no doubt many others) been dismissed yet?
7. Has Cathy Twist been reported to the police for Misconduct in Public Office?
8. I understand that Brian Pead took out a claim against Lambeth Council for £5million in compensation for unlawful dismissal and a host of other human rights abuses. Can you confirm that he did commence a case against Lambeth Council in January 2013, and thereafter was JAILED for alleged contempt of court?
9. Why did Lambeth Council apply to have Brian Pead jailed for alleged contempt of court and yet did not apply to have Michael Bird jailed for alleged contempt even when Caroline Addy knew that Mr Bird co-authored the book and even when she had been supplied with his current address?
Yours faithfully,
Henry Winstanley

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