Information about further police harassment laid before Sir Henry Bellingham MP and barrister

Dear Sir Henry


You will understand why this is an Open Letter.

Today 3 constables purporting to be from the Public Protection Unit in Norfolk today entered my premises without my consent.

  • They claimed to have a valid search – they didn’t have.
  • They failed to show any warrant cards when asked to do so.
  • They claimed I am a Registered Sex Offender and brought no paperwork to substantiate such a scurrilous claim.
  • They got my landlord out of bed and forced him to drive 10 miles to open us the door – he couldn’t because I had put the latch on
  • They threatened to smash down the door
  • They shouted out defamatory comments such as “You are a paedophile” and “You are a Registered Sex Offender”.
  • The person calling himself Detective Sergeant Bond assaulted me
  • The landlord was a witness
  • When I asked the persons to name the child I was alleged to have incited, they were unable to (because she never existed)
  • I called your office and left a message
  • At no time did I give my consent to the persons to enter the property
  • They also visited on 21st August and then left when I refused to open the door
  • When the landlord asked how often they could return, they claimed “Whenever we want” (a lie)
  • When he asked how long I was subjected to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, they claimed “indefinitely” (a lie)
  • The Chief Constable of Norfolk (who refuses to investigate the murder of Fred Barras and child abuse at Glebe House boarding school in Norfolk) is always bleating on about the lack of manpower at his disposal – yet he always finds persons available to harass, intimidate and bully Brian Pead (65), Tony Martin (73), Robert Ecclestone (66), Violet Ecclestone (96) and Richard Fulcher (67).
  • Elder abuse is alive and kicking in Norfolk – ask the old folk in King’s Lynn library


As you know, the so-called “conviction” at Southwark does not exist. It is a figment of the vivid imaginations of State operatives in the Home Office/MI5/Scotland Yard and created to try to defame me after reporting child abuse in Lambeth. The “conviction” has no legal merit – there is no record of such a trial or conviction.


I am calling for a vote of No-Confidence in Simon Bailey, the Chief Constable of Norfolk who is clearly inept and guilty of a cover-up of child abuse, fraud, theft, murder, misconduct in public office and a host of other criminal activity in Norfolk.


I look forward to your support on this matter and am happy to meet with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (Lorne Green) who has unlawfully refused to meet or correspond with me since he took on the job.

You really do preside over a bunch of corrupt half-wits (a phrase borrowed from the lexicon of Tony Martin whom the evidence shows was not guilty of the death of Fred Barras as you will have known from your role in the POW Trust, the charity driving his appeal in 2000.)


I have laid this information before you in your role as a non-practising barrister.

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