international law firm Pinsent Masons harassing author and breaching Pre-Action Protocols for alleged Defamation by Twist and Dunipace

International law firm Pinsent Masons has written to author Brian Pead (even though they should not have his address) claiming that Ms Cathy Twist and Ms Phyllis Dunipace are their clients and that the women are claiming that they have been defamed in the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth.

In writing to author Brian Pead, Pinsent Masons – the international law firm – breached several of the Pre-Action Protocols for Defamation. In layman’s terms, they broke the very simple rules of Civil Procedure.

Mr Pead thus sent a response putting the law firm and all of its Directors, Officers, Associates and Employees on notice, which he is quite within his rights to do.

He also insisted that Pinsent Masons had embarked upon a course of conduct in which they were guilty of harassment.
All too often, employees at any level in a firm or corporation hide behind the enterprise that pays their wages. This is unacceptable.

Putting Pinsent Masons on Notice
The Author is putting Pinsent Masons and all of its Officers and Employees and any third parties or associates On Notice for the following:
1. Pinsent Masons has embarked upon a course of conduct which amounts to harassment;
2. Pinsent Masons has deliberately communicated with the wrong parties in the matter, namely the Author(s) rather than the Publisher, whose details are in the public domain;
3. Pinsent Masons has deliberately and maliciously chosen to target the Author(s) rather than the Publisher as a means of attempted intimidation;
4. Pinsent Masons deliberately used the Foyles the bookseller to attempt to thwart the promulgation of a book drawing the public’s attention – “in the Public Interest” – to child abuse and racism in Lambeth;
5. Pinsent Masons is acting unlawfully in this matter;
6. Pinsent Masons is committing these unlawful acts by way of attempting to cover-up known abuse in Lambeth and that Pinsent Masons is, it follows, complicit in such a cover-up;
7. Pinsent Masons has attempted to use its unlawful and harassing communications with one Author (Brian Pead) in an attempt to acquire the contact details of co-author Mr Michael Bird;
8. Pinsent Masons is fully aware that, should it seek the contact details of Mr Bird, the usual course of action is to examine the Electoral Roll;
9. Pinsent Masons further harassed All Around Justice, an organisation which campaigns to overturn miscarriages of justice and which has no connection with either the Book or the Publisher;
10. Pinsent Masons should visit the following URL:
11. Pinsent Masons should be left in no doubt that their alleged clients have committed acts amounting to misconduct in public office on a number of occasions;
12. Pinsent Masons should also visit the website to be found at:
13. Pinsent Masons should be left in no doubt that Brian Pead is an innocent man who has suffered appalling abuses of his human rights following protected disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 when he was in the employ of Lambeth Council and subsequent to his unlawful dismissal by the alleged clients of Pinsent Masons.
14. Mr Pead – an author of 10 books – had uncovered unlawful activity relating to children on the website. Some of this activity can be found in Google searches of Faceparty and its liquidation in 2008 and its re-emergence the following day.
15. The attention of Pinsent Masons and all of its Officers, Associates and Employees is drawn to the letter dated 5 November 2012 from Mr Tom Watson, MP to the Rt. Hon. David Cameron, MP regarding Child Sex Abuse Investigation into allegations of abuse within political circles.

Pinsent Masons Press Release
19 September 2012
Pinsent Masons grows white collar crime team with double hire:
International law firm Pinsent Masons has added two senior lawyers to its growing corporate crime team, including a significant hire from the Serious Fraud Office.

One is forced to wonder whether Pinsent Masons has investigated the financial affairs at Lambeth Council:

(i) Head Teacher Brian Pead was never provided with a budget when running the OLCVS
(ii) Head Teacher James Walker was concerned with serious financial mismanagement at Lambeth Council
(iii) Head Teacher Mark McLaughlin, Head Teacher Greg Martin and Chairman of the Governors Jim Davies embarked upon a libel action against Lambeth Council who had accused THEM of financial mismanagement.

There is a clear pattern here that Pinsent Masons’ senior lawyers might like to investigate.

By way of remedy, Mr Pead is seeking the following:

1. an immediate Letter of Apology for the misconduct by Pinsent Masons, for its harassment of him and for its undeniably malicious strategy in contacting him in the first instance rather than the Publisher.
2. compensation for the unlawful acts perpetrated by Pinsent Masons against him.
3. compensation for the fact that Pinsent Masons – according to Foyles – were instrumental in the cancellation of the proposed Book Launch
4. loss and aggravated damages
5. a donation from the Pinsent Masons Corporate Responsibility fund to the NSPCC and to ChildLine.

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