IPCC leaves public ‘frustrated’ and ‘faithless’

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Following a scathing report on the IPCC from the Home Affairs Select Committee, committee chairman Keith Vaz says the police watchdog leaves the public “frustrated and faithless”:

“…When public trust in the police is tested by complaints of negligence, misconduct and corruption, a strong watchdog is vital to get to the truth – but the IPCC leaves the public frustrated and faithless.

“…Nearly a quarter of officers were subject to a complaint last year. Many were trivial, but some were extremely serious, involving deaths in custody or corruption – it is an insult to all concerned to do no more than scratch the surface of these alleged abuses.

“…The IPCC investigated just a handful and often arrived at the scene late, when the trail had gone cold. The Commission is on the brink of letting grave misconduct go uninvestigated…”

Brian Pead and All Around Justice and others connected with his miscarriages of justice, have written on several occasions to the IPCC, who have done nothing. It is hardly ‘independent’, being staffed by police officers and former police officers.

Brian Pead will continue to write to the IPCC and their responses will form the basis of a separate website exposing the cover-ups which they allow themselves to become involved in.

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