“IPCC not fit for purpose” by MP Mark Pritchard

Conservative MP, Mark Pritchard, has gone on record stating that the IPCC is not fit for purpose and that all corrupt police offciers should be removed from the service.

Mr Pritchard is a member of the SAME political party as James Brokenshire (Brian Pead’s former MP) and James Duddridge (Brian Pead’s present MP) who both FAILED TO REPORT demonstrable police and judicial corruption to the appropriate authorities. Indeed, Mr Duddridge even wrote to Mr Pead saying “…[I am in receipt of the material you sent to me about police corruption.] I fully support the police. Please do not write to me again. I hope I have made myself clear…”

It can’t get any clearer that James Duddridge MP supports corrupt police officers and a corrupt judiciary.

His colleague, on the other hand, Mark Pritchard, has a conscience and has been brave enough to put on the public record his disgust at corruption.

See also the YouTube videos about other police, judicial and local authority corruption.

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