Jack Straw, MP receives from Hillsborough to Lambeth book

Jack Straw’s office at Richmond Chambers, Richmond Terrace, Blackburn, BB1 7AS signed for receipt of a copy of the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth today at 11:51:00.

Michael Bird called the office and was told by the efficient Annette Murphy that the book is sitting on Mr Straw’s desk.

Mr Straw had been Home Secretary at one point during the Hillsborough debacle.

He has recently been on Radio5Live discussing his depression and use of psychotherapy, so he will know well the phrase “the elephant in the room” used by Brian Pead about the woman calling herself Maryn Murray. It is likely that – once Mr Straw has read the book – he will understand the excellent work that Brian Pead was undertaking at the Old Library Centre Virtual School which was confirmed by psychologists at King’s College.

Annette very kindly informed Michael Bird that Mr Straw “…will be sending a letter of acknowledgement within the next few days…”

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