Kim Everett, University of Greenwich law tutor, receives FRAMED! and From Hillsborough to Lambeth

Brian today visited Kim Everett, a law tutor at the Univeristy of Greenwich, and handed her the following:

1. a copy of from Hillsborough to Lambeth

2. a copy of Framed!

3. an Information Memorandum

4. an invitation to Court on 12 January 2015 (for the trial of Brian’s alleged Harassment of his daughter and granddaughter)

Ms Everett also informed Brian that, “I didn’t stitch you up here at the University!” (Obviously someone else did. Might it have been Baroness Scotland? Only asking. She’s the Chancellor.)

When Brian studied Law at the University in 2010, he secretly taped all of his tutorials with Ms Everett. She was heard to say that he should not use the word ‘corruption’ in relation to his unlawful conviction for inciting a female who never even existed! This person is worryingly a law tutor at the University of Greenwich and a barrister at the Supreme Court.

Brian also asked Ms Everett to represent him at the trial in the Inner London Crown Court. Here’s her CV:

Kim Everett LLB, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, CertEd

Principal Lecturer in Law and University Teaching Fellow

Department of  Law

Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities


Before joining University of Greenwich, Kim practiced as a solicitor.

School administrative and supervisory responsibilities

  • Programme Leader (Joint), LLB
  • University Teaching Fellow
  • Teaching mentor
  • Care leaver mentor
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation supervisor.

Professional and academic associations

  • The Law Society
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association.

Research/scholarly interests

Kim’s main areas of interest are family and child law; criminal law; transsexuals and the law; and student retention issues.

Selected publications

Everett, K., and Yeatman, L. (2010) Are some parents more natural than others? Child and Family Law Quarterly.

Everett, K. (2008) Contributing editor, Oxford Dictionary of Law. OUP.

Everett, K. (2005) Contributing editor, Oxford Dictionary of Law. OUP.

Everett, K., and Pawlowski, M. (1995) Declarations of trust and unmarried couples. Family Law, 721.

Conference papers:

Everett, K. 2009. Are some parents more natural than others? Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference.

Everett, K. 2000. Transpersons and marriage: is there any lawful impediment? Socio Legal Studies Association. Belfast.

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