To learn about some of the work by Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll (now retired) of Scotland Yard click here: .  Notice DCI Driscoll’s references to Lambeth and child abuse. Then understand why Brian Pead has been illegally imprisoned on three separate occasions by the State after he also exposed child abuse in Lambeth whilst working as a Head Teacher of a pupil referral unit.

Other videos are presently on YouTube which draw attention to the unlawful activity which was occurring within Lambeth Council.

One video (below) is about the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth by Brian Pead and Michael Bird, Invenire Press, 2012. The book currently has two gagging orders against it, so it must be good!

Another video (below) is about Brian Pead taking Lambeth Council to the High Court for defamation, wrongful dismissal and a host of other torts.

Brian Pead can also be seen in the following video interviewing Maggie Tuttle, founder of Children Screaming to be Heard.

See also in the following video Brian telling the story of his 10 Prisons in 12 Weeks as further evidence of State persecution after he exposed child abuse in Lambeth Council.

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