Lush Cosmetics exposes corrupt Police

Further police corruption has been exposed by the Lush cosmetics company in a brilliant campaign about human rights abuses:

Brian Pead said, “I welcome the campaign by Lush Cosmetics of Police corruption and human rights abuses in this country. In December 2017, at a bogus trial in Woolwich Crown Court before a corrupt judge, I was allegedly found guilty of the harassment of my daughter and grandchildren when they had never made a complaint to the Police about me. However, when working as a Head teacher in Lambeth, I reported child abuse, racism and bullying and thereafter the Police took apart my life stitch by stitch, including undercover cops posing as genuine ‘family liaison officers’ and ‘public protection officers’ to turn my family against me and spread lies about me (with false paperwork to support their spurious claims).

However, I do not acknowledge the Restraining Order against me because it was issued against the Rule of Law by a bent judge protecting high profile paedophiles, including police officers, judges, local councillors and others.

The broad mass of the population has absolutely no idea about just how corrupt the Police, the judiciary and Parliamentarians are and they blindly keep voting for people who will NOT represent them when it matters. Take my own MP, Henry Bellingham. He was knighted in 2016 for services to the cover-up of child abuse in Lambeth and Harpenden and online. He has done nothing to assist me in getting the truth to my family. Politicians cannot be relied on to tell the truth or do the honourable thing.  People are on their own and, as such, must seek retribution in ways which suit them and their particular circumstances.

Even Elizabeth Truss  (MP for Tony Martin) is covering up police corruption in his famous murder trial which I brought to her attention after exposing it in my forthcoming book, TONY MARTIN – THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES.  A dangerously driven woman, she puts her own self-interests above those of clearing Tony Martin’s name. She is also covering up child abuse suffered by Tony Martin at Glebe House School in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Even the Chief Constable refuses to investigate the school which is situated just 400 yards from a police station.

I applaud Lush Cosmetics’ public-spirited campaign to expose the truth about police and judicial corruption in this country. What they have exposed is but the merest tip of an enormous iceberg of fraud, corruption, child abuse and cover-ups in the UK.”

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