Michael Bird speaks out over Gagging Orders

02 March 2013
Michael Bird speaks out over Gagging Orders

Michael Bird, co-author of the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth, Invenire Press, 2012, which currently has TWO gagging orders against it because it exposes child abuse, racism and corruption in Lambeth Council, has broken his silence to speak out against the State’s appalling treatment of Brian Pead, an innocent man.

Not content with banning sales of the book, officers of the State posted further defamatory comments on Amazon which included ‘…Brian Pead is trying to re-write history of his time at Lambeth…’

Had that been the case, then why ban the book from distribution? If the book was rubbish, why would the authorities go to such extreme lengths to ban the book from distribution in England and Wales?

Michael Bird has issued the following statement through his advisors:

“…I am amazed that Lambeth Council hasn’t taken responsibility for their obvious failings in this situation.

I am even more surprised that they are compounding this by just taking Brian Pead to court for alleged defamation and harassment.

As co-Author, I have not been contacted by anyone from Lambeth Council or Pinsent Masons to date.

Over the past 4 years, I have borne witness to the appalling treatment of Brian Pead by the State. I was in attendance at Southwark Crown Court in December 2009 when a Judge told a jury (which had not been sworn in) that they could not find Brian guilty of incitement where there was no victim.

In fact, a female juror asked the Judge for directions and she specifically asked Nicholas Loraine-Smith if they could find Mr Pead guilty of the alleged incitement of a 14 year old girl where no such person existed. The Judge told the entire jury that, no, they could not find Mr Pead guilty of a crime, yet they returned a perverse verdict of 10-2 against him.

I was also in Court in January 2012 when PC John Brown of Bexleyheath Police entered false evidence into Woolwich Crown Court and lied throughout his time on the stand. The Judge in that case informed the Jury that she was stopping the trial because PC Brown was a ‘…wholly unreliable witness who had entered demonstrably false evidence into Court…’

I have seen Brian treated shoddily by the State, and to date no-one has been reprimanded.

We are still waiting to hear from the Prime Minister with regard to the OBE being forfeited by Phyllis Dunipace…”


The above statement has been approved for publication to the world by Michael Bird, co-author of from Hillsborough to Lambeth.

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