Michael Mansfield unable to help Brian Pead’s fight for Justice

Today Brian Pead received an email from his MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, with a letter to the MP from Michael Mansfield, QC attached.

As expected, Mr Mansfield was “too busy to assist.”

This is lawyer-speak for “Oh dear, there’s so much corruption in his 4 miscarriages of justice, where do we start?”

And, of course, it is obvious that “the authorities” continue to want to delay Justice for an innocent whistle-blower.

This website contacted Brian Pead who said, “I fully expected a refusal to assist from Michael Mansfield. My MP claimed that he had written to the QC months ago without reply and yet, when I walk into Mr Mansfield’s office and hand deliver an Information Memorandum outlining catastrophic corruption on an industrial scale against me and my family, the QC finds the time to write a letter.

I can predict “the authorities” next three moves. Wait for a further injustice later this month.”

On 15 April 2016, Sir Henry Bellingham MP claimed that he would “go at this hammer and tongs”.





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