MP Sir Henry Bellingham admits persecution of innocent Brian Pead

On 14th September 2018, Brian Pead met with his MP (and former barrister) Sir Henry Bellingham in a constituency meeting also attended by David Cox (producer of a forthcoming DVD on the persecution of Brian Pead) and Richard Fulcher, a former pig farmer fitted up by Norfolk Police.

Sir Henry kindly agreed to be filmed for the forthcoming DVD and said the following:

“I’m Brian Pead’s MP, Henry Bellingham, MP for northwest Norfolk. I’ve been following this case for a long time now. [4 years]

First of all, I am very concerned about the original conviction [in Southwark, 2009 for the alleged attempt at incitement of a 14 year old girl who didn’t even exist]. I don’t think the conviction is safe, I think there has been a miscarriage of justice.

I also think that there are very serious grounds for looking at all the subsequent convictions because obviously everything flows from that very first conviction: if that was unsafe then it is very difficult to have any faith in any of the subsequent convictions[1] that have taken place.

So, there is a pattern here of police and other public authorities who I think have been abusing their position and I’m prepared to help Brian in any way I can and obviously we know full well that when there is a conviction or convictions that are actually on the court register there is a mechanism for getting those convictions quashed either through appeals and once the appeal system has been exhausted then we’d be looking at getting either a re-trial or other ways of having those convictions looked at.

I think there are also additional questions here about the conduct of different authorities and the subsequent persecution of Brian which has got to stop.

I think there’s another point here. We’re talking about an individual who had a successful teaching career, [25 years with no complaints] who had an impeccable record and this person lodged a complaint[2] against his then employers – Lambeth Council – took them to a Tribunal and I do believe a great deal stems from that decision to take Lambeth on. Don’t forget at the time there were many different types of unsatisfactory practice going on at Lambeth and what happened after Brian took on Lambeth was this catalogue of attempts to persecute him and I think one has to view it all in an overall context.[3]

We have someone now who has not had the opportunity to enjoy his family when he should have done;[4] he’s had his natural justice taken away, he’s had his family rights removed and we have what is basically a human family tragedy when someone is deprived of their natural rights and enjoyment of their family, and so one of my further wishes in all of this is that I can get them back together again so that at least Brian – who is still a relatively young man[5] – can enjoy his family again in a way in which one would expect.”


NB: Notes in square brackets added post-filming by Brian Pead.


Recorded 14 September 2018    

[1] Subsequent convictions included: 2011, alleged harassment of daughter and granddaughter (then aged 12) – no complaint ever made to the Police.

2013 – alleged criminal damage to a car – no witnesses; no damage shown; farmer Richard Fulcher had called the Police to report OTHER people damaging the car. This arrest, by ARMED police, came just 2 weeks after Lambeth Council applied to the High Court for a permanent gagging order on Brian Pead for the rest of his life.

2015 – alleged further harassment of daughter and all grandchildren : sentenced to 2 years in prison.

2015 – alleged Impersonating a Barrister (after acting as a McKenzie Friend for various people in their court cases).

2017 – further alleged harassment of daughter and her family. Suspended prison sentence for 2 years.

[2] In 2006. Brian was then unlawfully suspended in December 2006 (without being told why) and unlawfully dismissed in July 2007 without a proper investigation having taken place.

[3] The persecution included, but is not limited to, five unlawful terms of imprisonment, countless arrests, five false convictions, separation from his beloved family, a campaign of disinformation spread by the Police about Brian Pead; not allowing him access to his State Pension or his Teacher’s Pension et al.

[4] A direct breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 – the right to privacy and a family life.

[5] Brian Pead is currently aged 65 – born on 12 June 1953.

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