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BRIAN PEAD’S LATEST BOOK – scheduled publication date 01 December 2017


There are some things so far removed from the lives of normal, decent people as to be simply unbelievable by them. The calmest, simplest statements of fact are almost beyond the comprehension or belief of most men and women who have no contact with the dark and hideous secrets of ‘an underworld’ where child abuse is created and allowed to flourish by the UK government.

Children’s homes, special units and boarding schools are not always what they appear to be. They are, this book shows, the playground of the rich and famous who believe they have a sense of entitlement to money, land and the abuse of children.

Decent people can scarcely believe that their MP, or the police, or the local authority — those in society who are paid to protect — could be involved in child abuse.

The ordinary person can scarcely believe that the abuse of children is State controlled, highly organised and carried out hidden in plain sight, right under their very noses.   Decent people struggle to come to terms with the idea that their government could ever be involved in trafficking children who are traded as a commodity like oil or tea.

This book provides a detailed history of child abuse in the UK which has been allowed to flourish by the government for a variety of reasons. It traces organised abuse back to the Victorian era, when the Contagious Diseases Act in 1864 gave widespread   powers for corrupt police officers, magistrates and doctors to arrest any girl or woman on the street, sexually abuse her with impunity and press-gang her into prostitution to be used by those in the military creating an Empire. All of which, history shows us, was condoned and orchestrated by Parliament.

The famous Pall Mall Gazette series of articles in 1885, where the editor bought a girl aged 13 for £5 and took her to France to prove how easily children were being trafficked, is covered in great detail for the lessons we can learn today.

Read how the Cleveland Street scandal of 1889 implicated the Prince of Wales, Members of Parliament and the Military in using underage boys for sex.

The author shows that the abuse of children has been controlled by the State for hundreds of years in collusion with the police and the Church. The creation of children’s homes was a cover for rich and powerful people to plunder the ‘fresh meat’ readily available in the network of homes across the UK and throughout the Empire. Children sent abroad by the government were used as slaves and sexual playthings by those controlling the international trade in children.

Read about the institutional abuse in Councils such as Lambeth, Islington, Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere as the author shows that child abuse is perpetrated not just by some Asian gangs or lone paedophiles, but is a highly-sophisticated State-controlled venture allowed to operate for a number of reasons including that of blackmailing spies.

Occasionally, when found out, the State will reluctantly apologise and claim it will never happen again, whilst – in secret – continuing to perpetuate abuse. Carried out in collaboration with MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard and the Church, the Government continues to collude in the betrayal of innocent children.


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