Norfolk Police create more fiction

In an email received today (11 October 2017) the so-called Professional Standards Department of Norfolk Constabulary wrote to Brian Pead alleging that they had conducted an investigation into his many complaints against the Police, not only in Norfolk but also in the Met. A letter was attached to the email, which Brian did not bother reading for reasons which are explained below.

Brian has consistently tried to meet with the Chief Constable (Simon BAILEY) and his side-kick Lorne Green (the so-called Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk who is about as useful in holding the Chief Constable to account as the Chief Commissioner for Gotham City police (Batman comics).

The reply by Brian Pead to the work of fiction pumped out by the Propaganda Unit of the Norfolk Constabulary by some person who is not paid to think:
Dear Emma Henry
Thank you for your letter. I note you describe yourself as ‘A Complaints Management Assistant’. Clearly you are assisting no one other than a corrupt organisation which is refusing to investigate child abuse despite its Chief Constable being the Police Lead on child abuse in the country. He has consistently refused to meet with me and hides behind ‘storm-troopers’ he sends to my place of residence and who follow orders like the Gestapo. Little wonder that the Norfolk farmer (and innocent man) Tony Martin calls constables “filing cabinets” – he is not wrong. ‘Mindless automatons’ is my description.
I have not opened the attachment and have no intention of doing so. It will be a ‘whitewash’ since nobody from Professional Standards has ever bothered to contact me. You cannot conduct a bona fide investigation without consulting directly with the Complainant. So, I will not waste my time with more nonsense from you people. Furthermore, on 31 December 2013 I issued an Official Complaint under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This was acknowledged by David Cameron’s office but not acted upon – which is itself a further breach. The ECHR states quite firmly that A COMPLAINANT MUST BE INTERVIEWED when processing his/ her complaints. You failed to do this – yet another breach.
It is clear that the Police is still an inherently corrupt organisation and I have no desire to engage with such corrupt people.
Might I suggest that you actually investigate your own Chief Constable (Simon BAILEY) who appears decidedly reluctant to investigate child abuse in Glebe House School, Hunstanton perpetrated by a Mr BAILEY) and who appears to be deluded in his thinking that sending police constables to my door will somehow “put the frighteners on me”.
In future, please do not waste further public money by pretending to hold an inquiry/investigation when you have done nothing of the sort.
Your lack of action actually FACILITATES child abuse, so you have that on your conscience (if, indeed, you have one).
Until such times as you are prepared to interview me about my Official Complaint under Article 3 of the ECHR or about the child abuse at The Oval Children’s Home in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, or that at Lambeth Council (which I duly reported), or that at Glebe House, please do not contact me again with your baseless and fanciful pieces of fiction which aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Pead
07508 242 101


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