Off Centre counselling reported to Charity Commission

Yesterday, Off Centre counselling charity in Hackney was reported to the Charity Commission for its role in the unlawful dismissal of Brian Pead after he exposed child abuse in Lambeth. Brian was summarily dismissed after also exposing an illegal police sting operation on

Brian called Off Centre staff Maya Walker – a former partner – and Mark Elmer on a number of occasions since his release from prison in March 2016 and both have been told not to contact Brian in a further cover-up of Brian’s unlawful dismissal after he exposed child abuse.

Between 2008 and 2013, Brian contacted Off Centre for disclosure surrounding his unlawful dismissal. The charity continually refused to provide dislcosure and even used the law firm Hackney Law Centre to stonewall Brian’s lawful requests. Brian recently informed Off Centre that he is bringing a claim against them for unlawful dismissal.

At Brian’s unlawful trial at Southwark Crown Court in 2009, Nicola Noone, a former director of Off Centre, committed demonstrable perjury by claiming that research into child abuse was not part of Brian’s remit as a Group Therapist. The book Framed! proves that she did know that it formed part of his remit – so she lied to a jury. She also dismissed Brian Pead without recourse to the law and she failed in her duty to make contact with Geoffrey Bacon after brian insisted that she call him in order to ascertain the truth. It is believed that Ms Noone has left Off Centre in a move by the police to protect her from prosecution for perjury.

In a letter from Brian’s MP – Sir Henry Bellingham – to Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who discharged his shotgun when burglars unlawfully broke into his remote farmhouse, the MP stated: “…Brian Pead is the victim of a number of miscarriages of justice…”  Not one miscarriage of justice, not two, not three, but four miscarriages of justice and FOUR spells in prison all as an innocent man. He has been separated from his beloved family by unscrupulous Bexley Police and Bexley Social Services.

On 09 March 2015, retired Scotland Yard detective Clive Driscoll (link here to Lambeth child abuse) informed Brian that he had been persecuted by Scotland Yard for a decade because of his books and research. Brian is the author of the entirte history of Liverpool Football Club from 1892 to the present. He is currently completing Tony Martin: THE TRUTH, which exposes the myths perpetrated about the farmer since the shooting in1999.


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