Paedophile-protecting Home Office sends Nazi stormtroopers to Brian Pead’s flat

On Monday 6th November 2017, at 07:40, four Nazi storm-troopers threatened to smash Brian’s door down if he didn’t open it.

They claimed they had a warrant to search the flat. They had no documentation with them and refused to provide a search warrant.

Brian: Where are you from?
Policeman: From the PPU.
Brian: You mean the Paedophile Protection Unit?
Policeman: No, the public protection unit.
Brian: Why do the general public need to be protected from me?
Policeman: Because you are a sex offender?
Brian: So tell me the name of a victim.
Policeman: WE don’t have to.
Brian: Which court was this?
Policeman: Don’t know.
Brian: Which offence am I supposed to have been convicted of?
Policeman: Don’t know.
DS BOND: We have a warrant allowing us to have A FURTHER THREE VISITS TO YOUR FLAT TO CHECK UP ON YOU.
Brian: Go away and do your job and protect the public from paedophiles because I’m not one and you might be.
The 20 minute visit was recorded on audio.
A piece of paper purporting to be a warrant was left with Brian. It isn’t a warrant. It has no name of any court. It is not signed by a magistrate. It is clearly bogus. Probably Photoshopped by the Police.
The constable calling himself Matthew white (you can never be sure of their names because it’s well known that the Police often use the names of dead children) said it was evident that Brian had not used the internet on any device in his flat.
Brian replied: “Of course not. I wouldn’t want you lot to upload child porn on it and claim I put it there. I know how corrupt you lot are.”

Coincidentally (or not) this visit from the Police was just one working day after Brian had been to his MP’s house and hand-delivered a letter to Sir Henry Bellingham informing that:
(I) Tony Martin was set up by Norfolk Police in 1999 for the murder of Fred Barras as a cover for the child abuse at Glebe House School in Hunstanton which the Police refused to investigate;
(2) that the Chief Constable of Norfolk needs to be held to account for NOT investigating child abuse;
(3) to ask the Chief Constable (Simon BAILEY) whether he was related to the paedophile teacher Mr BAILEY at Glebe House;
(4) to call a meeting at Portcullis House with a number of Brian’s long-term friends to explain what he (the MP) is doing to achieve justice for Brian after a decade of persecution following his reporting of child abuse in Lambeth.

Each time Brian meets or writes to his MP, he is either arrested or the boys and girls in blue pay him a visit. Allegedly this is all just a coincidence and according to the MP “MPs never interfere with the course of justice.” MPs repeat this rubbish so often, some people in the broad mass of the population actually get taken in by it.

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