Paedophile Protectors continue persecution of whistleblower Brian Pead



In brief:

  • Brian sentenced to 5 months in prison for ONE Breach of a Restraining Order
  • Brian sentenced to 6 months in prison for SECOND Breach of a Restraining Order
  • Brian sentenced to 6 months in prison for THIRD Breach of a Restraining Order
  • Suspended for 2 years (thus the term of suspension is LONGER than the intended prison sentence)
  • The “two years” matches Henry Bellingham’s request on 27 January 2017 “Brian can you wait 2 years before seeing your grandchildren again?”
  • Further gagging order imposed
  • Brian banned from any premises (school, university etc) in which his grandchildren might attend
  • Brian fined £1,000 in costs.
  • since it was another unlawful “hearing” Brian refused to mitigate against any possible sentence because the entire proceedings were a farce. His poor son-in-law (not the brightest of chaps, sadly) was taken in by it all and wallowed in the attention of the CPS, police and a bent judge.



  1. Why would an MP and barrister ask his constituent to wait for 2 years before telling his daughter and grandchildren the truth about Brian being fitted up by the State as a sex offender AFTER blowing the whistle on abuse?
  2. Henry Bellingham (who was awarded a knighthood for his role in covering up abuse in Lambeth and the persecution of Brian Pead FAILED TO REPORT perjury to the Commissioner of Scotland Yard in Brian’s trials;
  3. Henry Bellingham FAILED TO REPORT police corruption in the tony Martin murder trial;
  4. The judge claimed that Brian’s daughter [NAME REDACTED TO COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL ORDER] had never made a complaint against her father because she was “too ill” and so it was alright for her husband to complain on her behalf;
  5. Her husband [NAME REDACTED TO COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL ORDER] repairs vehicles for the Met Police and his company [NAME REDACTED TO COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL ORDER] failed to provide disclosure about the nature of their business relationship with the Met Police;
  6. Clearly, this case is being/ has always been managed by the Home Office/ Scotland Yard/ MI5 etc  as they seek to protect paedophiles in positions of power;
  7. Margaret Thatcher knighted her paedophile private personal secretary and claimed she didn’t know he liked underage boys (as if the Secret Service hadn’t told her!) See
  8. The Chief Constable of Norfolk and Henry Bellingham MP are said to be members of the same Masonic Lodge in King’s Lynn;
  9. The Chief Constable of Norfolk has had Brian Pead arrested without charge on numerous occasions always by thugs because he is too much of a coward to do the arresting himself;
  10. The Chief Constable of Norfolk refuses to investigate child abuse at Tony Martin’s boarding school (which is only 300-400 yards from the Hunstanton police station across a park,501333,5449&tbm=lcl&ved=0ahUKEwiAnoCvs5HbAhVGshQKHYHVBt0QtgMIMw&tbs=lrf:!2m1!1e2!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2&rldoc=1#rlfi=hd:;si:;mv:!1m3!1d3944.7770615839235!2d0.5007242368591278!3d52.94058569230743!3m2!1i1020!2i630!4f13.1&spf=1526720322950
  11. Paedophiles have inhabited the Home Office/ Scotland Yard/ MI5 for decades and continue to do so;
  12. They do so because Mr and Mrs Joe Public are too scared to hold them to account;
  13. Unless Average Joe and Jane lose their fear, children will continue to be abused on an industrial scale.


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He’ll do nothing because he’s after becoming a peer and retiring to the House of Lords, but at least you will have a record of the fact that you took responsibility to try to effect change rather than let the paedophiles within all branches of government keep abusing children.

Brian’s refusal to make pleas to the Court was based on the fact that it wasn’t a court of law and had he mitigated, he would have been playing a part in further judicial corruption. “I want no part of corruption,” Brian said after the hearing. “I will not play a part in supporting child abusers. My family have been duped and my MP and their MP (James Brokenshire) are colluding with the Home Office and Scotland Yard in duping them. The judge had asked for a ‘period of reflection’ in February 2018 and had ample opportunity to invoke the Rule of Law. he failed to do so. The reasonable person would be driven to conclude that Bellingham, Brokenshire and the judge are part of a large cabal which protects paedophiles in positions of power. Now, why on earth would such prominent persons WANT to protect child abusers? “

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