Persecution of whistleblower Brian Pead by corrupt Lambeth officials

Persecution of whistleblower Brian Pead by corrupt Lambeth officials

Anthony Edward Martin made this Freedom of Information request to Lambeth Borough Council

Currently waiting for a response from Lambeth Borough Council, they must respond promptly and normally no later than 31 May 2016 (details).

From: Anthony Edward Martin

30 April 2016 (Show delivery log)

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

I know Mr Pead personally. He is writing my autobiography for me about the State’s persecution of me after I fired a gun in my house in which a young burglar was killed (20 August 1999). At my behest, Mr Pead has been investigating my case and uncovered a great deal of corruption in it. I know what it is like to be persecuted, but this poor man and his innocent family have suffered far more than me.
I believe in Mr Pead’s ability to conduct bona fide research and I am aware that he wrote the complete history of Liverpool Football Club from 1892. I have read the book From Hillsborough to Lambeth which shows that he was unlawfully dismissed by corrupt officials. I have also read the book FRAMED! about the case at Southwark in 2009 (brought about only AFTER Mr Pead reported child abuse to Lambeth Council – who promptly covered it up as in Hillsborough) and the book 10Prisons12Weeks when he was ghosted to 10 different prisons in just 12 weeks as Lambeth Council sought to silence him.
I have seen documents that prove beyond all reasonable doubt that he has been set up by Lambeth Council, who sought to defame him just as the police sought to defame those at Hillsborough.
Now we come to my point: I note that Lambeth Council’s response to several posts on the WhatDoTheyKnow website are “long overdue”. There can only be one reason for this: Lambeth Council has no intention of responding to them because they know that Mr Pead is completely right in what he exposed – hence the Council banning his book and putting him in prison on FOUR separate occasions in order to silence him.
1. How much did it cost the Lambeth taxpayer to take Mr Pead to Court in July 2013 and apply for a permanent gagging order?
2. How much did it cost the Lambeth taxpayer to apply for committal proceedings at the High Court in July 2013?
3. How much did it cost the Lambeth taxpayer at the Employment Tribunal in 2008?
4. Why did Lambeth Council reinstate a female teacher who had been dismissed for child grooming, racism and bullying in an all-girls’ school (and then suspend an innocent and successful Head Teacher)?
5. I understand that Cathy Twist – clearly a person of dubious character considering she presided over the unlawful dismissal of TWO Head Teachers (perhaps even more) – is still employed by Lambeth Council. Please confirm.
6. How much did Lambeth Council pay Mary White to engineer the dismissal of Brian Pead in 2007?
7. How long did Maryn Murray remain employed at Norwood School for Girls?
8. Who was the Chief Executive Director(s) of Lambeth in the period 2005-present?
9. Why did Lambeth Council NOT report child grooming and other abusive behaviour broguth to its attention by Brian Pead to the Police in 2006?
10. Is Beverley Williams still scared to talk about what she described as “appalling treatment of Brian Pead”?
11. Brian Pead and Michael Bird wrote to the Prime Minister in 2012 applying for the OBE to be stripped from Phyllis Dunipace for approving of the unlawful dismissal of Brian Pead and James Walker – what is the current status of her OBE?
12. Members of the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association have personally thanked Brian Pead for his work in helping to expose child abuse at Lambeth – is the Council aware of this organisation?
13. Retired counsellor Anna Tapsell attempted on many occasions to bring child abuse to the attention of Lambeth Counsellors – why was no action taken?
14. Brian informs me that Lambeth Council are interfering with his pension and that the Teachers’ Pension Authority spuriously claims that Brian owes THEM the sum of £25,000 – strangely this occurred after he reported child abuse. Please provide me with copies of ALL communications between Lambeth Council and the TPA – and before you try to avoid that request through your usual “legal engineering”, I have a signed Form of Authority from Brian Pead giving me permission to acquire such information on his behalf.
15. When did Barry Gilhooly leave the employ of Lambeth Council?
16. When did Derek Langan leave the employ of Lambeth Council?
17. Is it true that Colin Hill of the Open Learning Centre for Vocational Studies had had numerous allegations against him of a sexual nature against Lambeth children?
18. From documents in Brian’s possession, it is clear that Annabel Field – a former teacher at the Pupil Referral Unit – had written to Cathy Twist and stated that her witness statement had been altered in an attempt to dismiss Brian – please confirm or deny.
19. Brian’s MP – Sir Henry Bellingham (also my own MP) – has now stated on the public record that Brian was NEVER guilty of a sexual offence or of the alleged harassment of his family members and that he should never have been sent to jail. Why did Cathy Twist mysteriously drop the spurious claim that Brian Pead had been masturbated in a theatre?
20. Can you confirm or deny that, should Brian Pead be unlawfully arrested and illegally imprisoned AGAIN for his work against Lambeth Council and in seeking Justice and Truth for the many abused children (and adults) in Lambeth, that his illegal incarceration will have nothing to do with Lambeth or its corrupt councillors?

I note from a search on this website that you have a propensity not to answer bona fide requests if the subject matter offends you. I do hope that you adopt a different approach because it has been widely reported at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) that Lambeth Council is going to be “transparent and cooperative”. I await your response with great interest to see whether it is, indeed, transparent and whether the Council has been “cooperative” or whether it will simply use further excuses in its shameful denial of reality. I regard ANYONE who covers up child abuse to be guilty of child abuse themselves.

Furthermore, when Brian Pead met with Sir Henry Bellingham on 15 April 2016, the MP stated that “there was clearly some murky stuff occurring at Lambeth”. This comment is recorded in the Minutes of that meeting – a copy of which I have in my possession.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Edward Martin

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