Prince Charles in Child Abuse Inquiry

The Guardian (and other media outlets) has reported that Prince Charles may be called to give evidence to the Independent Child Abuse Inquiry. (It’s not “independent” at all – that’s the game they like to play).

Brian Pead was interviewed about this possibility and stated: “I can write the story now. This ‘news’ has a very predictable ending. In 2014, while I was unlawfully held in prison, he and his wife visited my daughter’s parents-in-law ( This followed my unlawful dismissal from Lambeth after reporting child abuse. It also followed the unlawful banning of my book FROM HILLSBOROUGH TO LAMBETH in 2013, when Lambeth Council also tried to obtain a permanent gagging order against me for the rest of my life. The book carried on its front cover a photograph of Prince Charles awarding an OBE to Phyllis Dunipace, the head of Lambeth Children and Young People’s Services following her extraordinary work in covering up child abuse for more than two decades in Lambeth. Yes, I could write the denourment of this particular story right now…”

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