proposal for Forfeiture of Dunipace OBE

The All Around Justice campaign for the Forfeiture of the OBE by Ms Phyllis Dunipace for her unlawful removal of Head Teachers Brian Pead and James Walker from their posts and for her misfeasance in public office took another step forward today (24 December 2012) upon receipt of this letter from the Cabinet Office.

(It should be noted that the paper used was not more than 90gsm – highly unusual for Government departments – and that it was entirely without colour, but All Around justice is taking the letter at face value for the moment.)

20 December 2012

Dear Mr. Bird,

A copy of your letter of 18 November to HM The Queen has been passed to me by Miss Jennie Vine, Deputy to the Senior Correspondence Officer at Buckingham Palace. As Miss Vine explained to you, the Honours and Appointments Secretariat in the Cabinet Office is responsible for the operation of the honours system, including providing secretariat support to the Forfeiture Committee. Please accept my apologies for the delay in this response.

An honour can be forfeited on the advice of the Forfeiture Committee and with the approval of The Sovereign. The process is that the relevant Government department would submit a case to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat. The case would then be considered on its merits on the basis of objective facts by the Forfeiture Committee.

An outline of the process and the membership of the Forfeiture Committee is detailed at The Honours Forfeiture Committee normally considers cases put to it when a holder of an honour:

• has been found guilty by the Courts of a criminal offence and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of more than three months; or
• has been censured/struck off etc by the relevant regulatory authority or professional body for actions or failures to act which are directly relevant to the granting of the honour.

But the Committee is not restricted to these two criteria, and any case can be considered where there is other evidence to suggest that the retention of an honour would bring the honours system into disrepute.

I hope you will understand that I cannot comment on the particular circumstances of Phyllis Dunipace but as Ms Dunipace received her OBE in 2011 for services to Families as Director of Children’s Services at the London Borough of Lambeth, I have forwarded a copy of your letter to the Department for Education for their consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Alison Bennett
Team Leader, Honours Operations

The emphases in bold are those of All Around Justice, an organisation whose website outlining corruption by the police and by Lambeth Council was unlawfully removed from the internet by the police.

The following points in the letter purporting to be from the Cabinet Office ought to be considered:

1. The Forfeiture Committee seeks objective facts – the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth provides these objective facts.
2. All Around Justice has also referred Her Majesty the Queen to the case of James Walker, another Lambeth Head Teacher unlawfully dismissed by Ms Dunipace.
3. All Around Justice believes that there is sufficient evidence in the public domain which demonstrates that Ms Dunipace has brought the Honours system into disrepute.
4. Ms Dunipace was – according to the Cabinet Office – awarded the OBE for her services to families.
5. Yet Ms Dunipace failed the families in Lambeth by:
(i) Failing to inform parents that their daughters were at risk from Maryn Murray
(ii) Failing to interview pupils at the Old Library Centre Virtual School (and its other titles)
(iii) Failing to inform the police that Maryn Murray had been found guilty of grooming young women
(iv) Failing to inform the police that Maryn Murray had been found guilty of racial harassment of young black male pupils
(v) Failing to report Murray to the teaching authorities
(vi) Placing Murray at Norwood School for Girls when it was known that Murray was dismissed for grooming young females at the OLCVS
(vii) Putting pupils in danger from Murray
(viii) Failing to act on Lambeth Council’s own advice to the weblog BloodAndProperty when it stated categorically that Brian Pead had not been dismissed for any allegations relating to sexual misconduct and that he had not been dismissed for allegedly having been masturbated in a theatre
(ix) Overseeing the unlawful suspensions of Brian Pead and James Walker
(x) Overseeing the unlawful dismissals of Brian Pead and James Walker

The above concerns illustrate that Ms Dunipace had not been working in the best interest of Lambeth families, that she failed to inform parents that their children had been in danger from Murray and that she had been reinstated by Lambeth Council with the full knowledge and consent of Ms Dunipace.

All Around Justice has brought this to the attention of Her Majesty the Queen, the Director for Public Prosecutions, the Attorney General and the Prime Minister, as well as Index on Censorship.

Information arriving in the All Around Justice office on a daily basis has shown that there is gathering support for the reinstatement of the All Around Justice website on the Index on Censorship website.

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