review of “from Hillsborough to Lambeth” by Brian Pead and Michael Bird

The authors of from Hillsborough to Lambeth have received the following review of the book:

“…Just thought I’d say that I have just read your book cover to cover… Flaming unbelievable!

I couldn’t put the book down once I picked it up…”

For the legal bods/ police who scrutinise this website, the person who reviewed the book had bought a copy before any court Orders were unlawfully imposed by Mr Tugendhat. He is touted as being the leading expert on the law around Defamation, but the Orders he imposed were on the basis of the alleged HARASSMENT by ONE author (Brian Pead) of Lambeth Council, Pinsent Masons and two individuals named in the book and on this website and elsewhere in blogs.

For the avoidance of doubt, Michael Bird has no such injunction out against him.

Single-handedly, therefore, it appears that Brian Pead is ‘harassing’ more than 30,000 people worldwide!

On 1 November 2011 at Bexley Magistrates’ Court, Brian Pead was found guilty of the alleged harassment of his daughter, Sorrel Birch (née Pead) by sending her a letter about police and Local Authority corruption and the alleged harassment of his 12-year-old grand-daughter, Emily, by sending her a birthday card and a covering letter in which he told her how much he was missing her and her brother and sister.

Brian Pead was found guilty of the harassment of Sorrel Birch and her daughter Emily, despite the fact that no trial bundle was produced in court, neither Sorrel nor Emily appeared as witnesses and no witness statements from them were produced in Court.

The reason the bogus charge was brought against Brian Pead was so that (i) the ‘authorities’ could use the divide and rule principle, (ii) ensure that Brian Pead and Sorrel Pead could not compare notes (because of the lies she has been told by Bexley Police and Bexley Social Services and (iii) they can claim that Brian Pead is a criminal and goes around harassing people. His fight for justice is not harassment but just a fight for justice to which he is completely entitled. If the ‘authorities’ had their way, they would have accused the Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4, Barry George and many others with harassment by claiming that they, too, are innocent and always had been.

Brian Pead can be contacted on 0756 400 2493. He does not respond to withheld numbers or cranks. If you fail to identify yourself, he will hang up. All calls are recorded for training purposes.

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