Sir Henry Bellingham, MP meets Brian Pead on anniversary of Hillsborough

Newly-knighted Henry Bellingham, MP for northwest Norfolk, met his persecuted constituent Brian Pead (now legally using the name William Brian Freeeman) at the Knights Hill Hotel near King’s Lynn. The meeting lasted for two hours, and was largely positive and practical. Whilst full Minutes of the meeting are being produced, we can provide this summary:

Sir Henry admitted that Brian’s conviction at Southwark Crown Court for the alleged incitement of a non-existent female aged 14 was “unsafe and needs to be overturned”.

He added that Brian’s conviction for the alleged harassment of his own daughter and grandchildren at Bexley Magistrates’ Court in 2011 was also “patently unsafe because neither your daughter nor your elder grandaughter had appeared in court against you, had not complained to the poilice and not made witness statements against you.” This, of course, renders the Restraining Order preventing Brian from contact with his family null and void.

Sir Henry added that neither of these cases should ever have got to court and he showed concern for the public purse: “…I am left wondering just how much has been spent on persecuting you from the public purse … it must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds.It seems that a lot of murky stuff went on in achieving those convictions against you…” Brian did not disagree but stated that rather than focus on the “murky stuff” it would be better for all concerned to focus on quashing the obviously unsafe convictions.

The esteemed Member of Parliament informed his constituent that he would write to Michael Mansfield, QC in an effort to obtain the barrister’s services in quashing Brian’s convictions.

Sir Henry will also be writing to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London, to ask him why Brian has TWO Police National Computer (PNC) records when he should only have one. A bogus record shows convictions against Brian for the alleged rape of more than 6 females under the age of 13 – Sir Henry agreed that had this been true they would not have been sharing a pot of tea in the hotel because Brian would have been incarcerated for many years.

Brian showed his representative a Prevention from Harassment letter which had been sent through to the post to his Norfolk address whilst he was being held in prison. Sir Henry stated that it was patently ridiculous to send such a letter to a private address when the police knew that Brian was being held (unlawfully) in prison. He also commented on the fact that the letter stated that Brian had allegedly caused alarm and distress to “…a Kim at Greenwich University…” Note the fact that there was no surname entered on the form. Sir Henry showed dismay at such “unprofessionalism” from the police.

Brian informed his MP that he had met with the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association on Easter Monday and that there had been a productive meeting. The Association presented a powerful report to Judge Lowell Goddard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 24 March 2016 (a preliminary hearing which Brian attended.) Brian informed Sir Henry that he had applied for Core Participant Status in the Independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse and the MP said that should any problems arise from such an application, he should be informed.

Brian referred Sir Henry to the email that the MP sent him on 18 February 2015 (just a month prior to Brian’s unlawful incarceration for 12 months) in which Sir Henry – a barrister specialising in Tort Law – had written “…It is my strong belief that you should pursue your compensation claim against Lambeth Borough Council by way of instructions to a solicitor…” The MP reiterated that Brian had a “…strong and compelling case against Lambeth…” Sir Henry said he would provide Brian with some names of credible lawyers to take the case forward on Brian’s behalf.

Brian informed his MP that he met with retired Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll in Bishop’s Stortford on 09 March 2015 (just two weeks prior to Brian’s unlawful incarceration for 12 months) and that Mr Driscoll had confirmed that Brian had been persecuted by Scotland Yard because of his research and books. The erstwhile detective added that he had read the banned book from Hillsborough to Lambeth and that he agreed with its contents. Driscoll added that Brian’s beloved family had also suffered greatly because of State persecution. Brian had taken along a copy of Clive Driscoll’s book In Pursuit of the Truth and the MP showed great interest in this book (and Brian’s annotations!)

Sir Henry was keen for Brian to re-establish links with his daughter and grandchildren. The MP suggested that a mutual friend initiate a meeting, perhaps in King’s Lynn. Brian added that he would like the MP to attend, a suggestion which was not disagreed with.

Sir Henry asked for a copy of Framed! despite the fact that he already has one (presented to him in 2014). Nevertheless, Brian had already written out a dedication to Sir Henry in a fresh copy, and Brian duly presented this to him.

Brian then showed Sir Henry a letter that he had received from retired PC Rodney Gooderson whilst he was being held illegally in prison. Mr Gooderson was farmer Tony Martin’s beat officer for almost two decades and Brian had interviewed him at length for his new book about the farmer and that famous 1999 trial. Mr Gooderson has read Framed! and declared: “What better way is there to cloud the issue than discrediting the whistleblower. With regard to your conviction at Southwark in 2009, I am convinced that the facts have been manipulated to label you as a sex-offender and further discredit you. The elements of the offence were not there. As a barrister himself – albeit in civil rather than criminal law – Mr Bellingham was aware that the elements of the offence were not there and that “this case should never have gone to court, but there is no point in seeking a full inquiry because they’ll just close ranks.”

Brian showed Sir Henry the letter he had received whilst being held in prison from Labour MP, Sarah Champion, Rotherham’s MP. Brian had written to ask her what measures were being taken to support and protect whistleblowers and Ms Champion took the time and trouble to respond, for which Brian was grateful.

1. that Sir Henry suggested a mutual friend to attempt a reconciliation between Brian and his daughter and grandchildren;
2. that Sir Henry would approach Michael Mansfield QC in order to get Brian’s conviction(s) quashed;
3. that Brian should initiate his valid claim against Lambeth Council for wrongful dismissal;
4. that Sir Henry would provide the names of credible lawyers to assist Brian’s civil claims;
5. that Sir Henry would write to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe with regard to Brian’s two PNC records and the bogus Protection from Harassment Letter;
6. that Brian would provide full contact details of Clive Driscoll since “his support would be valuable”.

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