Suffolk Police claim Brian Pead harassing nephew Jay Richards

Suffolk Police have sent Brian Pead a letter (but not on official letter-headed paper) claiming that he has harassed his nephew (49 in August) with letters pointing out Brian’s innocence and to seek support for Brian’s letter to the Prime Minister to call for an investigation into why Brian Pead’s eldest granddaughter (then aged just 12) was used as a police decoy by the corrupt Metropolitan Police to imprison him unlawfully in 2011.

Brian said, “It’s clearly nonsense. No decent uncle such as Jay Richards would want his niece to be abused by the Met Police or his relative – me – persecuted by the State without wanting to fight for justice and seek compensation.”

Jay Richards was not available for comment but he can be contacted at his place of work (National Gearboxes in Lowestoft.) Any self-respecting journalist would have a field day calling him to ask why he wouldn’t want the abuse of his niece investigated.

Or does HE have something to hide?

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