Tessa Jowell responds to former pupil at the Old Library Centre Virtual School

Today, former pupil Talya Cuthbert and her mother, Pamela, received a letter from Tessa Jowell in response to them leaving a copy of the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth last Friday at the Old Library in West Norwood, where the child grooming and racism started in 2006.

Ms Cuthbert and her mother have given permission for the letter to be reproduced here. It is the standard format. It ought to be noticed that Ms Jowell failed to mention the book in her letter (even though a receipt was signed by Ms Jowell’s assistant) and she failed to send separate letters to Talya and her mother.

The letter from Ms Jowell, MP to Ms Cutherbert, former pupil at the OLCVS in West Norwood:

“…Dear Mrs Cuthbert and Ms Cuthbert,

Thank you for coming to my recent advice session.

I have noted your concerns [about child grooming and racism at the OLCVS] but I am afraid that I am not able to help you directly. There is a strict parliamentary protocol that Members of Parliament do not seek to intervene in matters raised by the constituents of other members.

I have forwarded the letters you left with my assistant to Kate Hoey MP as you live in her constituency. I have asked her office to contact you as soon as possible.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Rt. Hon. Dame Tessa Jowell MP…”

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