Tony Martin (abused by the State) meets Brian Pead (abused by the State)

Norfolk farmer and national icon, Tony Martin, today met with Brian Pead (now called Brian Freemnan) at Darby Farm in Pott Row, near King’s Lynn.

The two men – who have both suffered years of abuse by the State – discussed their new book, telling the story of the shooting at Bleak House in 1999 in Tony’s own words. Despite the wealth of (inaccurate) information about the shooting, Tony has never previously told his story in his own words.

Both men have been held in prisons illegally by the State.

Brian has uncovered some amazing facts about the shooting which were never made public at the time but which will astound the public once the book is published.

Brian – author of the banned book from Hillsborough to Lambeth – is an extremely dangerous writer as he uncovers corruption and paedophilia. Tony Martin has been approached several times by “well-wishers with his best interests at heart” in order to try to turn him against Brian. The persecution by the State continues.

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