TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH – Brian Pead author of amazing new book

To:  Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Subject Freedom of Information request – Flight Logs of Helicopter over Emneth on 20-21 August 1999

Dear Cambridgeshire Constabulary,

As the author of TONY MARTIN: THE TRUTH, I am requesting a true copy of all flight logs of the helicopter flying over Bleak House/ Cowcroft Farm in Emneth Hungate on 20 or 21 August 1999.

This information is sought in order for Mr A.E. Martin to launch an appeal against his convictions.

To pre-empt any attempt by Cambs Police to seek a reason not to provide this information, please note that I am not working in a group with Mr Martin or anyone else.

Mr Martin and the Great British Public have a right to know the truth.

Yours faithfully,
Brian Pead

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