Tooks Chambers acknowledge receipt of book

The chambers of world-famous QC, Michael Mansfield, have acknowledged receipt of the book from Hillsborough to Lambeth and will be responding with comments shortly.

Described by The Independent newspaper as “…Britain’s boldest barrister…”, Mr Mansfield is the man who helped to free the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, the man who acted for the family of Stephen Lawrence, and the man who conducted posthumous appeals on behalf of the last man hanged in Britain, James Hanratty. Mr Mansfield, who created Tooks Chambers at 81 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4BL, also defended the man accused of Jill Dando’s murder, Barry George.

Brian Pead approached Mr Mansfield in December 2011, seeking the QC’s assistance with his criminal Appeal against Conviction. Mr Pead felt that Mr Mansfield was the right person to defend him and assist him in his Appeal.

Paul Gallagher in Liverpool and Mark Townsend from the, Sunday 16 September 2012 00.03 BST wrote:

“…A new “commission of truth” that can hold state institutions to account is required to prevent further cover-ups like Hillsborough, according to a high-profile barrister who is assisting families of the victims of the tragedy.

Michael Mansfield QC said the success of the Hillsborough Independent Panel in uncovering the truth behind the death of 96 football fans and the ensuing cover-up has provided a template for a permanent body. He added that although the panel’s findings were the latest proof that the state could not be trusted to investigate itself, its conclusions also showed how a historical pattern of “institutional denial followed by institutional deceit” could finally be challenged.

“If the authorities from now on knew that there was an independent body, a standing body not always with the same people – they need to be changed regularly so they don’t become corrupted – but a body with the facility to move in and demand all the documents and do a proper inquiry would benefit us all,” said Mansfield…

Tooks Chambers

“…Tooks Chambers is a large, modern and efficient set of barristers united in their commitment to access to justice and representation without fear or favour. Founded on 1st May 1984 at the height of the Miners’ Strike, much of Tooks’ early work was defending miners wrongly accused of riot and affray. Members’ expertise now extends across criminal and civil specialist areas of law but with an emphasis on protecting the individual against the interests of the state…”
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