Tory MP denounces CRB checks

Tory MP for Shipley, Philip Davies, today denounced CRB checks as ‘a farce’.

In the case of Religious Education teacher Mohammed Siddiqur Rahman Chowdhury, who was teaching at a secondary school in Bethnal Green, east London, it was shown that the Local Authority failed in its duty to check on a man who was wanted for a murder in his own country, Bangladesh.

This case highlighted that there is a significant loophole in the current law surrounding CRB checks. For this reason, Maryn Murray was allowed to work unfettered in Lambeth schools where she was grooming young girls and being racist towards black males. Murray, a white South African, had not been CRB checked by Lambeth Council, depsite having worked in the UK for 5 years.

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Click here to read what Rupert Matthews had to say about CRB checks on 09 February 2010.  This website agrees with the majority of Mr Matthews’ arguments, though his failure to mention that females in schools or other educational establishments (or elsewhere) can be abusers is a serious omission and he is invited to address this issue.

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