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Amazingly, the Southend Echo has declined to run a story in which a serving MP told his constituent never to contact him again, claiming “…this story would not be in the public interest…”

It might not be in Mr Duddridge’s interest, but it is certainly in the public’s interest. Pead and Bird contacted MP John Hemming, known for his outspoken no-nonsense approach to politics, and he urged them to report Duddridge to the Conservative Party chairman.

Perhaps you might like to follow David Trayner – the reporter in question – and explain to him that one of the duties of the Press (according to the esteemed Lord Leveson) is to expose corruption. Click here to follow Mr Trayner.

The public’s confidence in the police is falling alarmingly and swiftly after such events as the Hillsborough Disaster in which the police were found to have (a) used disinformation to impugn perfectly innocent people and (b) to have created false documents which they adduced in Court as bona fide evidence.

The following account of misfeasance in public office by Essex police officers might be of interest to the discerning reader: click here.

The chief constable of Essex Police intends to stand down before the end of his contract, the BBC understands.

The Leveson Report
The Report has now been published. Click here to access it.

The Executive Summary has been published. Click here to access it.

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