Wisbech Standard and CCRC differ with their story

When Brian Pead called the Wisbech Standard today asking why they had not published the article on Tony Martin’s appeal, he was told that “the CCRC said they don’t recognise the case number”. (This despite Sarah Cliss and John Elworthy having been sent a copy of the letter from the CCRC to Tony Martin with the case number on it.)

Brian called them disingenuous – they did not like that word.

Yet when Pead called the CCRC, they claimed they hadn’t told the Wisbech Standard that at all. Clearly someone (or both) is lying.

Justin Hawkins of the CCRC said that there IS a genuine case number and that a meeting has been fixed for 02 February 2017 in King’s Lynn.

Brian Pead told Justin Hawkins that he is inviting the Wisbech Standard and BBC Radio Norfolk to the meeting. He agreed that he could not prevent such a measure.

It’s clear that this story IS being controlled because of Brian Pead’s involvement in exposing child abuse at Lambeth.

So, in failing to publish the fact that Tony Martin’s appeal has been accepted by the CCRC, the Wisbech Standard is, in effect, also failing to withhold news about child abuse in Lambeth.

Now, why would they do that?

Sarah Cliss is a known friend of Dario Gradi, the Crewe Alexandra manager.

Barry Bennell, who has been accused of the sexual abuse of child footballers … at Crewe Alexandra (and elsewhere).

When Brian walked into the offices of the Wisbech Standard earlier today, he was met with four people who barely spoke to him. No warmth, no “nice to see you”, nothing.

Now, journos are known for being garrulous, warm, friendly, asking questions.

They couldn’t wait to get rid of Pead.

Before he left, he asked the receptionist to photocopy a letter (signed by Tony Martin) to Alastair Wilson, a consultant A&E specialist in London Hospitals, but who has now retired, lives in Norfolk and acts as a consultant for the Norfolk Care and Commissioning Group in King’s Lynn.

Mr Wilson has failed to return ALL of Brian Pead’s calls to him, refuses to answer letters and generally doesn’t want to meet Pead and Martin.

Now, why would that be?

Could it be that a report authored by Mr Wilson in 2003 has incontrovertible evidence that the 16 year old burglar Fred Barras did not die of a gunshot wound and that he certainly did not die “within 2 minutes” as proclaimed by the Crown Prosecutor and a disingenuous press which was fed lies and willing to print those lies in a trade-off for sales (a la Hillsborough)?

There are some people in the newspaper industry who should hang their heads in shame … about Hillsborough … and now about Tony Martin.

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