Brian Pead assists farmer Tony Martin in his Appeal

Dear [name redacted at request of Ms Truss’s office],

Thank you for your prompt response. I do appreciate such professional attitudes.

I am Tony Martin, the farmer who discharged his shotgun when burglars unlawfully entered his house on 20 August 1999. However, the information on that link is, at times, wholly inaccurate.

My full postal address is Bleak House, Emneth Hungate, Wisbech, PE14 8EW.

I am well aware that MPs are not – officially, at least – able to intervene in legal matters and this was not the reason I asked for a meeting. When Sir Henry Bellingham was my MP, he became involved and used the Early Day Motion process to support my Appeal. This naturally gave him a lot of positive publicity.

To be clear, I want to meet with Elizabeth – with my ghost-writer in attendance [some of his work can be found at], to bring to her attention the new grounds of Appeal – much the same as various constituents did with their MPs in the case of Hillsborough. It would be helpful to have Elizabeth’s full support in these matters. I am aware that her language would be somewhat neutral as she needs to protect her image as an MP, but I really do believe that she ought to meet to hear the grounds of appeal before them being released in the national press. And, as previously stated, there are numerous possible photo opportunities which can only assist Elizabeth in the continuing development of her role as an MP.

Please provide me with three possible dates to meet this Parliamentary session. Please be aware that I will take notes and provide Minutes to be signed off by both parties.

Yours sincerely,

pp Tony Martin

On 6/1/2016 at 4:20 PM, “Elizabeth TRUSS” wrote:
Dear A Martin,

Thank you for your email. Elizabeth would be most grateful if you could provide your full postal address and a short summary of the concerns you wish to discuss with Elizabeth. Please note there is a strict Parliamentary protocol that means Members of Parliament are unable to intervene in legal matters.

Best wishes,

[name redacted at request of Ms Truss’s office]

Caseworker, Office of the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk & Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

From: []
Sent: 01 June 2016 16:03
To: TRUSS, Elizabeth
Subject: Appeal

Dear Ms Truss,

I have been informed by Sir Henry Bellingham that you and not he are my MP.

I would like you to arrange a meeting with me and Brian Pead, the author of a new book about my trial. He has uncovered substantial new evidence which calls into question the conviction and I am going to Appeal.

I hope that I have your support on this – I imagine that the publicity could be extremely useful for you; lots of photo opportunities.

I look forward to receiving an email from you/ your office with some dates for a meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

pp A.E. Martin

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