Brian Pead subjected to further abuse of human rights

Today, at 1pm, two people claiming to be police officers (but only one of whom showed a Warrant card – constable Gill Lacey) turned up at Spire View, Brian’s place of residence with a Probation Officer calling herself Sarah Wallis (but also not showing any identification).

The Probation Officer claimed she had to “do a home visit” yet had no paperwork to support such an allegation, no case files or other documents with her. The police came empty handed. Yet the obnoxious Matthew White (if that is his name – he has always refused to show any identification) claimed that he did not believe that Brian did not have a key to Spire View. He doesn’t and has never had one. He does not need one and the owners of Spire View see no need to provide him with a key since he is out all day researching his own miscarriages of justice and also that of Tony Martin.

Brian did call into question the fact that the said Mr White was working in a unit visiting paedophiles and Brian merely asked whether his proclivities lay in that direction. “You’re treading on thin ice,” replied the person purporting to be a police officer but failing to show any evidence of such.

At no point in time did the Probation Officer or either of the two police officers even bother to call Robert Ecclestone, the co-owner of Spire View.

Ms Wallis stated: “…I have two witnesses to what I am about to say. You have breached the terms and conditions of your licence by refusing a home visit.”

Brian: I have not refused a home visit. Mr and Mrs Ecclestone asked for some supporting documentation about this visit and you have provided none. The police have provided none.

Ms Wallis: I am going away to write my report and recommend that you are recalled to prison.

Brian: Will you write the report in the company of the police to ensure that they all say basically the same thing?

Ms Wallis: I’m leaving.
Prior to the “meeting” Brian called his MP, Sir Henry Bellingham, and asked his PA – Eileen Stephens – to make notes of the encounter and provide Brian with a copy of the notes. Brian informed the PA that the Ecclestones were potentially being placed at risk by the police and the probation Service because they had failed to provide the Ecclestones with sufficient information (or, indeed, any information whatsoever.)

Before she left, Brian gave a copy of the Sir Henry Bellingham letter to Tony Martin, the famous Norfolk farmer whose case in 1999 about intruders in his farmhouse made national headlines. Ms Lacey took a copy of the letter – the very same letter that Ms Wallis took possession of last week and claimed: “This is just his opinion – it means nothing and it doesn’t call into question your convictions.” And you’re paying her wages!

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