Brian Pead threatened with recall to prison – despite being not guilty of a crime

Such is the level of corruption in the UK, that Brian Pead received the following text message from Probation:

“…As we have been unable to assess the suitability of your address in accordance with your licence conditions, the National Probation Services now instructs to report to the Probation Approved Premises at 5 Wesleyan Road, Peterborough, by 1pm tomorrow, Friday 3rd June 2016. Failure to comply with this instruction will lead to enforcement action will be considered which may include your recall to Prison…”

Putting aside the appalling lack of grammar in that text and putting aside the punitive language used (clearly Ms Mahoney has considerable issues around her need to control) note that this message arrived on Brian’s phone only after Brian had called probation – someone calling herself Philippa Mahoney – and informed her that she was harassing him as he had committed no crime. He also informed her that he would perform a citizen’s arrest on her if she arrived at 4pm to inspect Spire View, Cotts Lane, Tilney All Saints on the grounds that she was a public servant (she can’t deny that working for the Probation Service) and that she had been put in possession of the fact of Brian Pead’s innocence and a letter confirming the same from MP Sir Henry Bellingham. Therefore, she has a statutory – as well as a moral – duty to report these facts to her Line Manager and call for an inquiry. In failing to act honourably, she is guilty of misconduct in public office, as well as perverting the course of public justice.

Brian resides on land owned by Robert and Violet Ecclestone, two law-abiding citizens and neither of whom has a criminal record. Robert is 64, his mother is 93. No children visit the address but even if they did, they are under no threat from Brian (but probably under a good deal of threat from police officers and others who have predilections towards children). For a decade now, the State has attempted to label Brian as a sexual offender, but that false narrative was created merely to deflect attention away from the wrong-doing of Lambeth councillors and others – see . See also Brian’s book Framed!, in which he highlights abuses of process on an industrial scale in his corrupt trial at Southwark Crown Court in 2009. See also the record of the Minutes of a meeting between Brian Pead and retired Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll ( in which the detective informed Brian that he had been the victim of a “decade of persecution” because of his books and research. Brian still has a book banned at the High Court – from Hillsborough to Lambeth – and two gagging orders against him. He has been made homeless by the authorities and his local council have failed to find accommodation for him.

Furthermore, both the Probation Service and Norfolk Constabulary have failed to provide Brian or the Ecclestones with any documentation supporting the reasons for a visit or evidence of Brian’s convictions.

For the record, Brian was at the property from 2pm until 5.30pm and the said Ms Mahoney failed to appear. So, she threatened Brian Pead with a recall to prison via a text message sent at 3:02pm in the full knowledge that she was not going to attend at the pre-arranged time of 4pm.

Brian Pead used the time wisely by meeting with Norfolk farmer Tony Martin to discuss their new book, in which Brian has unearthed a good deal of new evidence which shows that the farmer ought never have been sent to trial for murder or any other offence save for possession of a shotgun without a certificate in place.

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